Joe Biden Freaks Out on Female Finnish Reporter: “I Didn’t Say We Couldn’t Guarantee the Future!” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday lashed out at a Finnish reporter during a joint press conference with Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö.

Biden arrived in Helsinki Wednesday afternoon to celebrate Finland’s NATO membership.

Biden called on a list of pre-approved reporters.

Of course.

A Finnish reporter asked Joe Biden what he will do to ensure Finland that the United States will “remain a liable NATO partner for decades to come.”

“I absolutely guarantee it … No one can guarantee the future, but this is the best bet,” Biden said.


The reporter asked Biden to clarify his “no one can guarantee the future” statement.

“Hearing this answer that no one can guarantee a future, are you worried that the political instability in [the] US will cause issues in the [NATO] alliance in the future?” the Finnish reporter asked Biden.

Biden freaked out on the woman.

“Let me be clear! I didn’t say we couldn’t guarantee the future! You can’t tell me whether you’re gonna be able to go home tonight!” Biden shouted. “No one can be sure what they’re gonna do! I’m saying, as sure as anything could possibly be said about American foreign policy, we will stay connected to NATO!”

“That’s what I’ve said!” Biden shouted as he pointed at the reporter.


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