Jennifer Bilek: Gender ideology paves way for TRANSHUMANISM

Feminist and investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek has warned that the noticeable societal shift toward the normalization of transgenderism could pave the way for transhumanism.

During an interview on the Epoch TV show "American Thought Leaders," Bilek noted that this drive for transgenderism has fueled a demand for what she dubbed the technological reproduction industry. Procedures in this industry – such as egg freezing, surrogacy, genetic manipulation and others – are huge money makers for pharmaceutical and technology companies.

Such procedures, Bilek added, advance the sinister goal of transgenderism to assimilate males and females all throughout. Western society is now changing laws and language to obliterate women and move men into all women's spaces and sports, she remarked. The transhumanist goal would also require the erasure of traditional distinctions and the restructuring of society. (Related: Ever wondered who’s behind the transgender movement? WATCH as Jennifer Bilek explains.)

Bilek contended that the transgender movement is not about advocating for the rights of the marginalized, contrary to popular belief. She pointed out that the movement is using the civil rights of the LGBTQ+ community to legitimize and normalize assisted reproductive technologies that will benefit not only transgenders but also lesbians and gays who want to start families.

The investigative journalist also criticized the notion of gender as a spectrum, calling it a key tenet of gender ideology. She argued that this belief seeks to dismantle the concept of sexual dimorphism and promote the idea that humans do not exist as sexually binary species.

Bilek: Groomers are coming for your children

Bilek said during the interview that gender ideologies groom children for further intrusions into their bodies. According to her, advancements in biotechnology are opening doors to genetic engineering – including "changing biological sex" – which she found alarming.

She even questioned the marketing of gender transition as a positive lifestyle. She argued that if the goal of gender transition was really to help people experiencing gender dysphoria, it would not have been marketed as "a positive lifestyle."

The investigative journalist also mentioned the influence of transgender entrepreneur and author Martine Rothblatt, who has advocated for developing technologies that enable the replication of personalities and minds through social media. Rothblatt's vision centers on minds being downloaded and transferred into physical entities using microscopic drones called "nanobots."

According to Bilek, Rothblatt and other individuals have used transgenderism as a tool to groom society into accepting these ideas. They push this transhumanist narrative through the school system, the entertainment industry and social media to convince the next generation that they can choose their own gender and eventually be "uploaded" into the metaverse.

The appearance of Laverne Cox on the cover of a TIME magazine issue back in 2014 led to a focus on transgenderism. According to Bilek, this had been pushed by influential NGOs such as George Soros' Open Society Foundation (OSF).

Moreover, international law firms allied with the OSF have been backing the LGBT movement and creating the legal framework for transgender "rights." This, in turn, perpetuates the idea that individuals can be "born in the wrong body." Bilek questioned the rapid progression of this movement, suggesting that it is engineered rather than a natural evolution of human rights movements.

Watch this interview series featuring Jennifer Bilek as she talks about who is behind the trans agenda.

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