“I Compare Your Agency to the KGB” – Former Soviet Bloc Member and Current US Rep. Victoria Spartz TEARS into Dirty Chris Wray

Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) is the first Ukrainian-born member of Congress and the first member born in a form Soviet Republic. She is a Republican.

Last week Rep. Spartz tore into FBI Director Chris Wray over his KGB tactics he employs on the American people.

Victoria ought to know.

She was not shy about calling Wray out!

Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN): Okay, so we had a couple years ago, it was a hearing and I actually looking on all of the concerns that I’ve seen with really warrantless surveillance and abuses of Section 702 of FISA. I compare your agency to KGB and spending two years in this community reading a lot of reports now, doing a lot of hearings. I am really shocked that your agency is involved not just unlawful surveillance of American citizens, intimidation of American citizens, censorship of American citizens, potential cover ups of convenient political figures, and potential setups of inconvenient political figures.

And a lot of my colleagues asked a lot of questions. But I think when we look at that and unfortunately we haven’t been doing our job authorizing spending which was not authorized by our committee already probably for over a decade, we’re going to have this serious conversation and including reauthorization of Section 702.

Bravo to Rep. Spartz for not holding back against the police state!

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