Global take down of the American empire shifts into HIGH GEAR


We are living in the last days of the American empire. The No. 1 weapon of the empire -- the US dollar -- has been targeted for termination by most of the other powerful nations across the planet, including China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Russia.

It turns out that no one likes to be hit with weaponization of the currency, and with the US government regime under Biden, the bullying tactics of the American empire are convincing other nations to abandon the dollar and build their own systems for international financial settlement.

That's why next month -- August, 2023 -- BRICS nations are meeting and announcing what is reported to be a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

This cryptocurrency will reportedly be decentralized, meaning that no nation can alter its ledger or print more coins (i.e. money) out of thin air. The fact that this BRICS-based ledger cannot be counterfeited will give it intrinsic value that will instantly make it a better store of value than the US dollar (which is losing purchasing power by the day). We can expect a rapid adoption of the BRICS cryptocurrency system by the nations of the world. And when those nations no longer need dollars to carry out transactions with other nations, they will dump the dollar.

Since they no longer need dollars, they also don't need dollar-denominated debt instruments. This means international holders of US treasuries will offload them, causing a supply glut of treasury debt instruments on the open market, making it far more expensive for the U.S. Treasury to try to auction new debt instruments that provide funding for the government's debt habit.

And just like that, America's annual cost of servicing its own national debt will skyrocket into multiple trillions of dollars. Before long, the mad money printing machine will be cranking out dollars just to buy up treasuries so that the bankrupt government can service its own exploding debt with counterfeit money. This is a lot like a dog eating its own tail... and gagging with every bite.

The end result will be hyperinflation (of the prices of goods and service) combined with rapid devaluation of the dollar currency, which will ultimately go to zero.

This process won't happen overnight, but it will accelerate in a geometric fashion that will take most people by surprise. By the time they figure out their dollars are worthless, it will already be too late to head for the exits and convert those dollars to something else. Like gold, silver or crypto, for example.

In today's Brighteon Broadcast News, I cover this and more with Dave Hodges from The Commonsense Show:

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- Full interview with Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show, covering China, BRICS nations, de-dollarization

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