Dr. Mercola’s “Mercola Market” account SHUT DOWN by Chase Bank without warning, for no justifiable reason

Completely out of the blue, JPMorgan Chase shut down the bank accounts of the Florida-based retail health company Mercola Market, run by Dr. Joseph Mercola – and with no warning or explanation.

A renowned specialty food, beverage, supplement, and pet product company that sells a variety of health-related items, Mercola Market is a project of Dr. Mercola, who has been practicing medicine since 1985.

During the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic," Mercola was critical of the so-called "vaccines" that were rushed to market through Operation Warp Speed. He was also critical of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over its handling of these experimental drugs.

It appears as though Mercola's contrarian stance against these and other plandemic rituals eventually caught up with him as Chase Bank decided to close the accounts of not only Mercola Market itself but also those of the company's CEO, CFO, and several of their family members.

All of these folks received identical letters from Chase Bank stating that their accounts were being closed, but nowhere in the correspondences was it explained why this is occurring.

"Financial institutions have an obligation to know our customers and monitor transactions that flow through our customers' accounts," the letters read. "After careful consideration, we decided to close your accounts because of unexpected activity on this or another Chase account."

Chase Bank told Mercola Market CEO Steven Rye and his wife that it cannot disclose the reason for their accounts being shuttered "for legal reasons"

Mercola Market CEO Steven Rye and his wife both had their Chase Bank accounts closed, also for reasons that the banking entity refused to disclose. According to the bank, it cannot reveal why Rye and his wife's accounts had to be shuttered "for legal reasons."

Rye personally believes that the reason has to do with Dr. Mercola's views on the plandemic, including his belief that the so-called "virus" or bioweapon originated at a Chinese laboratory funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

"I believe they cancelled all of the accounts because of Dr. Mercola's (our employer) opinions," Rye stated to the Florida Voice. "He has carried a contradictory view throughout the COVID narrative and co-authored the best-selling book 'The Truth About COVID-19,' which exposed the likelihood that this virus was engineered in a laboratory funded by the NIH."

Rye says he was also informed by Chase Bank that his children will also be disallowed from opening up bank accounts there at any point in the future because of their parents' connection to Dr. Mercola.

Amalia Legaspi, the CFO of Mercola Market, received the same notifications from Chase Bank that she and her son's account, the latter of which is used for college expenses, will also be terminated. The account of Legaspi's bedridden husband in the Philippines was also closed, making it very difficult for his wife to provide for his medical needs.

"I have to provide all the legal documentations including notarized physicians' affidavit from the Philippines to prove that my husband is incapable of handling his finances and request the [federal government] to directly deposit the pension to my own personal account," Legaspi revealed. 

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