Detroit Police Commissioner Caught With Prostitute, Asked Arresting Officers To "Help Him Out"

If you think corruption and crime is out of control in your city, just think: it could be worse. You could live in Detroit, where a member of the Detroit Police Board of Commissioners was recently caught soliciting prostitution. 

And, like any good police commissioner, when caught in the act, he asked his brothers in blue to "help him out", according to reporting by The New York Post. And credit to Detroit's finest, because they didn't let him go - nor did they cover the incident up. 

The commissioner, Bryan Ferguson, who "represented District 1 for the DPBC and was the former chair of Detroit’s police oversight board" tendered his resignation on Thursday of last week in light of the news. He was found with the sex worker on Wednesday, the report says.

In a prepared statement, he told The Detroit Free Press: “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Detroit in police oversight.”

“After further consideration of the best interests of my family and the Board, I am choosing to resign as District 1 Police Commissioner effective immediately," he continued, making no mention of the one resident that he was caught "servicing" the evening prior. 

He was caught "committing a lewd act with a known sex worker" by undercover agents. When confronted by the police, he told them his position and asked them to "help him out". 

Police captain Jason Bates said: “At that time, Mr. Bryan Ferguson stepped out, identified himself as a Detroit police commissioner.” He added: “A title or position doesn’t make them above the law.”

Ferguson's rock solid defense, according to the report? That the allegations are a “big misunderstanding”. He added that he has "nothing to hide" and that the woman just "hopped into his truck". 

“This is rough. This is rough to tell. Because now I’m going to have to have this conversation with my family,” he added. He was issued a misdemeanor citation for indecent or obscene conduct involving a sex act with a prostitute, the report concludes. 

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