Col. Douglas Macgregor: America is stoking war in Ukraine to further domestic interests

Powerful interests in the United States are benefitting from the war in Ukraine.

Note from LifeSiteNews President Steve Jalsevac: This article, but especially the half-hour video interview with Colonel Douglas MacGregor, is one of the best we have seen to date for understanding the Ukraine war and the great danger it presents to the United States, Europe and the world. It is strongly recommended viewing.

MacGregor has provided greatly needed balance to the massive propaganda the public has been subjected to on this conflict since it began. We have found him to be exceptionally well-informed, competent and truthful with his unique insights and analyses, aided by his extensive military experience and numerous connections with US military and other reliable sources. He is a genuine US military patriot.

We would do well to pay attention to him since most of what he has predicted or explained has been validated by subsequent developments. However, there are a few crucial spects that he and other commentators are still missing and which I explain at the end of this article.

(Courageous Discourse) — We’ve all heard the expression, “In war, the first casualty is truth.” Apparently coined by the Greek dramatist Aeschylus, the expression has been repeated by countless public figures over the centuries.

What is the truth about the war in Ukraine? What are the origins of the conflict? What brought the disagreement between the governments of Ukrainian and Russia – a disagreement that had been simmering for many years – to a full-blown crisis in early 2022?

Years ago I wrote a draft manuscript for a novel about murder and political intrigue arising from the so-called “Pipeline Opera.” The opera was about the contest between two massive and competing pipeline projects for supplying natural gas to Europe – the American-sponsored “Nabuco” pipeline and the Russian-sponsored “South Stream.” Both projects were eventually cancelled, mostly for political reasons.

One thing that became fairly evident to me during my research is that there are longstanding and powerful interests in the United States who have no interest in peaceful cooperation with Russia, because it would imperil their extremely profitable industries. Peaceful cooperation with Russia would challenge America’s bloated defense budget ($886 billion this year). Another American industrial enterprise that would be inconceivable in the event of peace with Russia is Liquified Natural Gas production and shipping to Europe.

As I predicted years ago, the simmering conflict between Russia and Ukraine would – if it came to war – be a huge boon to U.S. LNG interests. My prediction has come true. The industry is now booming and new terminals are under construction.

In February of 2022, my grave concern that the United States government was doing nothing to defuse the crisis was confirmed when the Biden administration sent its imbecile vice president, Kamala Harris, to discuss the matter at the Munich Security Conference. At that moment, what was needed to defuse the crisis was a chief negotiator of great skill, social ability, and sophistication – not an incoherent, double-speaking nincompoop. As I watched a recording of her performance, I knew that war was imminent.

In this interview, he presents a heterodox view of the war in Ukraine. At the core of his view is his belief that the United States government has become a catastrophic failure at tending to its own house. At the same time that we grossly mismanage our own affairs at home, we bungle from one military adventure to the next around the world, making one colossal mess after another. Instead of defusing conflicts abroad, we stoke them.

As a matter of full disclosure, I generally share Macgregor’s view of things. The United States government can’t even conduct an election properly, never mind protect our own borders or balance a budget. Every country abroad it has touched with military force has gone from bad to catastrophically worse.

Macgregor seems to share my conviction that it’s time for the United States government to contemplate the wisdom of Matthew 7:3: “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but don’t consider the beam that is in your own eye?”

Reprinted with permission from Courageous Discourse.

More from Steve Jalsevac: Colonel MacGregor and most others are puzzled why the Biden government is doing so many wrong things and have implemented what appear to be suicidal policies. MacGregor appears to believe they are the result of ineptitude and corruption. What I believe he is missing is that all of this has been deliberate.

LifeSiteNews has shown Biden, Boris Johnson, Trudeau and other western leaders publicly commit to the Great Reset Build Back Better program. LifeSiteNews has extensively reported on the Great Reset New World Order agenda and we have seen it to be the greatest threat the world has ever faced. It includes the destruction of all religion to be replaced by a One World false religion. The Great Reset program requires the deliberate, rapid destruction of western nations’ economies and influence and massive depopulation of the world. That is, it is all being done on purpose.

I predicted that from day 1 of his presidency, fake president Biden would work to rapidly reverse everything that Donald Trump achieved and destroy the US economy, military and other institutions, law and order and social stability. He has done precisely that.

We don’t need to question why they are doing this in the US, the UK and Europe. In order to condition the public to accept Klaus Schwab’s nightmare 4th Industrial Revolution, central bank digital currencies and digital IDs and slavery, all of that destruction MUST be engineered.

Secondly, I have found Colonel MacGregor is not as aware as he should be of the still massive poverty in some parts of China, but more importantly its violently repressive policies against certain segments of Chinese society, it horrendous abortion and organ transplantation programs and its extreme persecution of all religions. LifeSiteNews has reported extensively on these issues over the years with many first-hand reports from leading activists in China.

Regardless of the above, Colonel MacGregor is worthy of praise for his intense dedication to tell the truth about the Ukraine war and for his heroic efforts to prevent it from exploding into a catastrophic World War III.

(Article by John Leake republished from

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