CNBC Host to Buttigieg: “You’ve Told Me in the Past We are Going to Control the Weather, and Now You Say You Can’t Control It” (VIDEO)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently admitted he ‘can’t control weather’ after thousands of flights were delayed and canceled due to ‘severe weather’ in the Northeast.

Earlier this month Pete Buttigieg accidentally admitted what we already know to be true: No one can control the weather.

United canceled more than 1,000 flights in the first weekend of July – or 20% of its schedule – due to severe thunderstorms in the Northeast.

United Airlines blamed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for flight disruptions that affected more than 150,000 passengers.

Pete Buttigieg came under attack for his incompetence.

Stranded passengers blamed Buttigieg for yet another holiday travel nightmare situation.

After the Biden Regime has spent more than half a trillion dollars trying to control the weather, Buttigieg said “no one can control the weather.”

“Most passengers understand that no one can control the weather,” Buttigieg said on Face the Nation earlier this month.

CNBC’s Joe Kernan confronted Buttigieg.

“You have told me in the past we are going to control the weather, and now you say you can’t control it, so…” Joe Kernan said.

Buttigieg made a joke: “I don’t know if that’s a climate thing or what, but I’m gonna let it go just this once.”


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