Biden Regime’s Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Goes Into Effect Next Week For All Americans

Joe Biden’s America.

The Biden Regime’s incandescent light bulb ban will go into effect next week for all Americans.

Beginning Tuesday, August 1, it will be illegal for stores to sell inexpensive incandescent light bulbs.

Americans will be forced to purchase more expensive LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs.

NewsNation reported:

Starting next week, Americans will only be able to purchase LED lights from retailers across the nation as an official ban on incandescent lightbulbs will go into effect.

Come Tuesday, while it won’t be illegal to own incandescent light bulbs, it will be illegal for stores to sell them and companies to manufacture them.

The federal government’s warnings started in January and have been getting progressively more aggressive as they want to make sure Americans don’t go back in time. The government announced a ban on the manufacturing and selling of incandescent bulbs, saying it will help Americans save money and help the environment.

Everyone will have to purchase LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs instead.

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