Watch: Russians Use Drone Tank Loaded With Explosives To Destroy Ukrainian Front Line

If the Ukraine conflict has taught us anything in the past year, it's that drone technology is quickly becoming the force multiplier of choice for offensive and defensive operations.  Though, it's also evident that drone tactics have yet to be refined, with a lot of trial and error left to be accomplished.  

So far, drones are mainly a joint mission tool used in support of operations rather than being at the center of operations.  Much fanfare has been spread in the corporate media about Ukraine's use of drones to drop ordnance into otherwise well protected Russian trenches, but what about Russia's use of drones?  Though reports are limited by the fog of war and propaganda, it would appear that Russia has found a way to remotely control armored vehicles such as tanks packed with heavy explosives.  

In the following video, a Russian drone tank is reportedly sent against a Ukrainian forward line.  The tank hits a landmine and stalls 100 yards from its objective and Ukrainian soldiers hit the vehicle with an anti-tank missile.  However, what the soldiers do not know is that the tank is laden with over 6 tons of explosives.  The resulting shockwave rips through the Ukraine line.

The strategy is rather brilliant in its simplicity.  Even if a drone tank does not reach its intended target, it can clear a path through enemy mines and the blast effect could still tear a hole in enemy lines.  Beyond that, Ukrainian soldiers will be second guessing any attempts to destroy Russian tanks at close range in the future.

It is tactics like this, combined with Russian air superiority, that seem to have stalled the very counter-offensive that Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been promoting for many months.

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