US Spy Agencies May Have Had Intel in Mid-June Regarding Wagner Rebellion Plans

Rogue CEO of PMC Wagner, Evgene Prigozhin, was able to get troop columns within 125 miles of Moscow and reports suggest U.S. spy agencies reportedly obtained intelligence in mid-June of the “armed action” against Russian establishment.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Prigozhin turned his troops around and is going back to bases and taking other steps to de-escalate tensions with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

A Belarusian-brokered deal was reached between the Russian government and Prigozhin with the Kremlin saying Putin acted “to avoid bloodshed and internal confrontation with unpredictable results.”

Prigozhin stated that he had decided to retreat to avoid “shedding Russian blood.”

Fox News reports:

The Washington Post reported Saturday, citing several U.S. officials, that Prigozhin even warned the White House and other U.S. agencies of his plot “so that they were not caught off guard.”

The officials said senior leadership at the Pentagon, State Department, and in Congress were briefed on the intelligence within the past two weeks, though the exact timing of Prigozhin’s plot had remained unclear up until the Wagner leader’s takeover of military command and tank run toward Moscow Friday and Saturday.

There was reportedly “high concern” in Washington over the potential prospects of what would become of Russia’s nuclear arsenal if President Vladimir Putin was removed from power and if there would be “civil war” in Russia.

(Article by Margaret Flavin republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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