UN’s “A Global Digital Compact” to create Internet 2.0 with no freedom of speech and social credit scores for everyone

The United Nations (UN) has released a follow-up report to its 2021 "Our Common Agenda" called "A Global Digital Compact" that like its name suggests presents a framework for enslaving the entire world under digitalized tyranny.

A brand-new internet where no free speech is allowed combined with a social credit scoring system to weed out the detractors and resistors seems to be the gist of the document, along with a completely new financial system based on digital identification protocols.

"Digital IDs linked with bank or mobile money accounts can improve the delivery of social protection coverage and serve to better reach eligible beneficiaries," the document explains. "Digital technologies may help to reduce leakage, errors and costs in the design of social protection programmes."

There are global warming and climate change components to "A Global Digital Compact" as well. Businesses and even individuals will be tracked based on their so-called "carbon footprint" and assessed for which "freedoms" they are allowed based on compliance with climate dictates.

"Sensors and monitors connected to the Internet of things, cloud-based data platforms, blockchain-enabled tracking systems and digital product passports unlock new capabilities for the measurement and tracking of environmental and social impacts across value chains," the document states.

UN gunning for total control over all humanity

In order to make the plan a success, the private sector will have to merge with the public sector in many areas of everyday life. This is known as fascism, the merger of state and commerce, and it is a building block of communism as the government eventually swallows up the private sector.

"Partnerships between States, private sector and civil society leverage the capacity of digital tools to provide solutions for development across the Sustainable Development Goals," the UN argues.

"Examples include the Digital Public Infrastructure Alliance, the Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability and public-private partnerships for disaster response."

Of particular concern to the UN in its envisioned cyber control state is the spread (suppression) of free speech online. Its Internet 2.0 vision will do away with all free speech that the state finds to be "offensive" or "inappropriate" based on the prescribed narratives set forth by the Ministry of Truth.

"Disinformation, hate speech and malicious and criminal activity in cyberspace raise the risks and costs for everyone online [...] we must strengthen accountability for harmful and malicious acts online," the UN says in the document.

These are just the obvious bullet points outlined in "A Global Digital Compact." There are additional subtle aspects to the document that include an agenda demarcated by anti-white racism, or what the globalists call "equity."

Non-whites must be afforded greater "access" to resources and opportunities, we are told. And areas of the world that are lacking internet must get connected immediately so they can become part of the UN's envisioned "hive mind" social order.

"To sum up, the Digital Global Compact is a piece of globalist legislation serving the final aim of globalist policy: Control of all aspects of life, achieved by inserting a digital filter between people and reality," reports Off Guardian about the plan.

"Banking, communication, media consumption, shopping. Every interaction you have will be through a digital membrane which can both monitor your exchanges with the world and – if deemed necessary – deny you access to that world." 

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