Ukraine’s Commander in Chief Spotted Alive After Being Reported Dead as Ukraine Faces Major Losses

A new video released by Ukrainian generals shows Ukraine’s Commander in Chief donning a Disney-themed patch.

Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi was spotted in a video wearing a Baby Yoda patch on top of his military uniform while looking over some maps.

Baby Yoda is a notable character in Disney’s new  Star Wars show “The Mandalorian”.


Per Reuters:

Ukraine released video of its top commander, apparently to rebut Russian suggestions that he had been killed, injured or had fled, and his Star Wars badge stole the show.

The video, released by the General Staff late on Monday, showed Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi poring over maps with other generals. A clock in one shot showed Saturday’s date.

The video showed Zaluzhnyi in combat uniform sporting a badge of Grogu, the pale green, pointy-eared hero best known as “Baby Yoda” from the hit Disney Star Wars TV show “The Mandalorian”.

The Defense of Ukraine has embraced the patch and released a cartoon defending their Commander in Chief wearing a Baby Yoda patch.


It’s unclear why Zaluzhnyi is wearing the patch at a time when Ukraine is facing major losses.

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