Top 10 ways to prepare for the 2024 pre-election PLANDEMIC that the WHO and CDC keep warning everyone about

In order for the CCP-selected Resident Biden to steal another POTUS election, the Democrats will have to lie, cheat, and steal on every front associated with the election process, including voting machines, voter rolls, absentee ballots, dead people’s ballots, and of course, mail-in-ballots. This means another plandemic, a.k.a. scamdemic, is on the way and set for release from one of the USA’s super-hazard, biological weapon of mass destruction biolabs that are currently funded and functioning all around the world.

Since regulatory agencies and organizations around the world are run by Big Pharma white coats and the genocidal globalists, the CDC and WHO are now planning the next scamdemic to further install their dystopian police state tyrannies around the globe, and the USA is no exception.

There are all kinds of excuses, names, and “causes” that are used to justify or excuse the spread of disease, panic, and fake news. We’ve already heard the absurdities, including “climate change,” depopulation (check Bill Gates at the TED convention), the “One Health” Pandemic Treaty, Universal health passports, vaccine compliance, infected wet market meat, “novel viruses” (gain of function Wuhan lab-made and released), and the list goes on. It’s all really about fixing elections so the psychotic Marxists can remain in control and take over any other unclaimed territories.

With the help of AI, rigged voting machines (Dominion), fraudulent voter rolls, dead voters, illegal aliens voting, and FAKE and FORGED mail-in-ballots from around the world, the tyranny will continue. That’s exactly why everyone should expect another planned virus release.

The WHO is mostly funded by Bill Gates, who wants to reduce the world’s population by a few billion using vaccines and abortions

Get ready for the next pandemic, or be taken out by it, like so many were by the planned Fauci Flu. Remember, it’s more about the vaccines and lockdowns than anything else, because those are what help kill off millions (if not billions) of people and remove every human right they have. Prepare to resist the tyranny. Prepare to stay healthy. Prepare to stay self-sufficient.

Realize that the next pandemic will come with remedies, just as Covid-19 did. Do not expect that the globalists and the leaders of the CDC and WHO are not well-prepared with ivermectin, vitamin D and zinc. Do not expect that the Marxists themselves do not have the antidotes to the next plandemic already, because they are not going to off themselves on purpose (though they may accidentally).

Expect to hear the narrative and the propaganda slogans about “environmental emergency” and “enforced lockdowns” in order to save earth and humanity from sure destruction. Expect the blame to be cast on “anti-vaxxers” and everyone who is “anti-science,” even though there is ZERO science behind the claims of climate change and vaccine “safety and efficacy.”

It is vital for informed citizens to prepare for the upcoming pre-election scamdemic, because the odds are, it’s already “in the works”

#1. Stock up on natural remedies, especially vitamin D, zinc, oil of oregano (nature’s ultimate antibiotic and antiviral remedy), minerals, and superfoods.

#2. Stock up on storable healthy food and filtered water.

#3. Tune into truth media for daily updates about what’s really happening.

#4. Avoid vaccines, masks, tyrannical lockdowns, remdesivir, ventilators, and CNN’s infectious disease “experts” at all costs.

#5. Continue eating organic, local, and clean, unadulterated foods and exercise regularly to stay healthy and bolster your immune system daily.

#6. Report any election fraud you see, hear about, or suspect.

#7. Vote in person whenever possible.

#8. Vote for people who vow to protect the constitution and have a track record of doing so.

#9. Do not give your money or resources to scam organizations that promote “climate change” or Ukraine.

#10. Protect your cash, your land, your guns, and your children from the government who wants to own all of it and seize it from you in the name of “national security.”

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on the next pandemic coming to a Democrat-run metropolitan city near you.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from )

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