NFL Quarterback Gets Torched for Killing Massive Black Bear in Alaska and Posing with its Corpse

credit: wentzbrosoutdoors/Instagram

Sport hunting is an understated issue that stirs up heated passion, particularly on social media. One professional athlete found out the hard way earlier this week.

As the New York Post reported Saturday, NFL free agent quarterback Carson Wentz infuriated animal lovers after he killed a giant black bear during a recent hunting trip with his brother in Alaska.

Wentz posted a photo on Instagram showing him smiling next to the dead bear, impressed by his kill. He had taken down the large animal with a bow and arrow.

He called killing the bear an item on his “bucket list.”

Bucket list.

Got the opportunity to spot and stalk black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth— Alaska!

The New York Post notes hunting black bears is legal in Alaska provided all state hunting regulations are followed. But while Wentz had legal right to take down the animal, the morality of his action was debatable.

Judging by the social media response, users found both killing the bear and posing next to it in poor taste:

lacesonleather – “Christ follower” yet your killing his creation for sport.

litbrit – Such an incredible animal, you had to slaughter it with a high-powered weapon. I wish I believed in an afterlife that would treat you with the compassion you’ve earned in this life, you vile life-form.

vivipismal -Only a cowardly man still practices this barbarity with defensless animals. YOU ARE A FAILURE

cocoeagles88 – This is your bucket list? This is horrifying! Some man of God killing his innocent creatures, don’t ever wonder why you’ve experienced failure in your occupation.

chris_hately – Such an incredible animal you felt you needed to shoot it and pose with its corpse. I’m not even particularly vocal about animal rights and even I think this is f***ing pathetic.

disstonv- Did you even think about how this would effect this bears family? His/her cubs? All about you! Nothings changed

tcala17 – Got no respect for people that kill animals for sport….

Others noted the irony of Wentz being able to nail his target considering the free agent QB has struggled with accuracy issues throughout his NFL career.

3xagain – I’m shocked the bear didn’t intercept the bullet.

mike_sees -I see he’s able to target everything but an open receiver.

rick. simon.972 – Can’t hit a target with your arm, so you kill animals with your rifle. What a simpleton.

This is not the first time an NFL player has stirred up a hornet’s nest after hunting down a magnificent creature. The Gateway Pundit reported back in January that retired defensive end Derek Wolfe set social media ablaze after killing a huge mountain lion. Wolfe claimed the animal had killed several neighborhood pets and a friend asked him to take care of the lion. 

(Article by Cullen Linebarger republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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