Martial Law: Unprecedented Military Movements Being Reported Across the USA

Thousands of reports of American military being deployed across U.S. towns and cities have flooded Twitter in recent days, leaving many wondering if martial law is about to be declared in America.

Here are a handful of the latest videos posted to Twitter:


Tank group in Idaho Falls:

South Carolina:

A few in PA too:

In Bakersville, Ca:

Also in the air!

This was captured about a week ago in the San Diego area:

Joe Biden’s helicopters practice landing for visit to Marin county, CA: reports: Are these drills? All taking place almost at the same time across multiple states around the US? Or is something bigger taking place? Anyone have more info on this, please post in the comments or on the Twitter thread below…

You will find more videos and pictures on this Twitter Thread as the story updates…

Schumann Resonance Today 24/7 Live Graph

(Article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai republished from

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