Globalists Unveil AI That Can Create ‘Legal Child Porn’ for Pedophiles Who Want To Avoid Prison

The Davos elite have unveiled a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthrough that will allow pedophiles avoid jail: AI-generated child porn.

According to the techno-communist eugenicists, the AI revolution will allow “lifelike images showing child sexual exploitation,” reports the Washington Post.

Up until now, possession and distribution of child porn is a serious crime in nearly every jurisdiction. However, AI-generated porn is a grey area and many pro-pedophilia advocates argue the images could be considered “art” and thus not punishable by law.

“Thousands of AI-generated child-sex images have been found on forums across the dark web, a layer of the internet visible only with special browsers, with some participants sharing detailed guides for how other pedophiles can make their own creations,” the report warned. reports: It cited Rebecca Portnoff, of nonprofit child-safety organization Thorn, saying, “Children’s images, including the content of known victims, are being repurposed for this really evil output.”

She continued, “Victim identification is already a needle in a haystack problem, where law enforcement is trying to find a child in harm’s way. The ease of using these tools is a significant shift, as well as the realism. It just makes everything more of a challenge.”

The result is that there could be complications for law enforcement’s tracking of illegal images and require investigators now first to determine whether the images are real, or manufactured, the Post said.

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