German Politicians Move to Ban and Eliminate the AfD Populist Party – The Largest Opposition Party in Germany Saying It’s a “Threat to Democracy” – Where Have We Heard This Before?

The greatest threat to the globalist left is an educated and organized citizenry.

German Leftists moved this month to ban and eliminate their main rival – the Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party. The AfD is currently the largest threat to the socialists in Germany and continues to gather support from the German people who are exhausted from the failed and punishing policies of the ruling elite.

The typical smears by the ruling socialists, that the AfD is a radical racist right-wing party, are no longer working on the masses. So now the socialists want to outlaw the party.

EuroNews reported (translated):

Last year a German court ruled that the far-right party posed a threat to democracy and allowed the country’s security services to monitor it.

A recent study by the German Institute for Human Rights examining the possibility of a ban on the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has once again put the far-right party in the spotlight.

The study published on June 7 states that the AfD now poses such a threat to the country’s democratic order “that it could be banned by the Federal Constitutional Court.”

According to the institute, the AfD could be legally banned because it explicitly aims to “eliminate the free democratic basic order” and “abolish the guarantee of human dignity enshrined in the Basic Law”.

The AfD, founded in 2013, has been accused of anti-democratic tendencies, although it officially supports democracy in Germany.

Where have we seen this before? It’s like the German globalists are using the Democrat Party handbook.

FBI agents storm and raid President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

The German globalists likely learned this new technique from US Democrats who use the full strength of the government to go after their political opponents today, including arresting President Trump and raiding his home on junk charges – while at the same time ignoring the confirmed criminal acts of the sitting president and his crime family.

AfD party Member Petr Bystron discussed the similarity between the failing German socialists and US Democrats today.

Petr Bystron: Actually, what we see is that we become so strong. The AfD is the second strongest party in the country. We overran the Greens who are in the government. We overran also the Socialists who are in the government, who are the party of the Chancellor. And well, they don’t know what to do. So the only thing they have in their repertoire is just try to forbid us for no reason. It’s just trying to kick out competition out of the play field.

There is an institution, which is in fact this is a secret service, this specific institution. Germany is the only country in the Western world which is using a secret service to oppress political opposition… But Germany is using these institutions for years to oppress new political parties. And they do it always the same way. And one has to know that this secret service is under direct supervision of a Ministry of Interior. So the minister is the head, is the boss of the chief of the secret service. That’s a very political institution. And I myself, I experienced this in the election 2017 when I was candidate for the AFG in Bavaria. And my direct contra hand, my competitor, was a minister. So you can just guess what happened to me. Three weeks before election, they announced publicly that the secret service is observing my person. It was insane. I won the trial after few months. It was everything illegal. They did a home search in my flat, it was illegal. It was everything illegal. But they are just doing it just to oppress the opposition, just to label us very negative way in the public.

Jim Hoft: And Peter, like in America, it sounds like in Germany the media is 100% with these people who are doing this, is that correct?

Petr Bystron: The mainstream media, yes, because we have very strong public television. Just that you can imagine how strong the public television is. The budget of the public television is 9 billion euro a year… And second, we have just a handful, maybe five or six big corporations owning all the media. And, well, they are very pro government, and even a big part of the print media is co-owned by the socialist parties. Very one-sided situation. Thanks to God, the USA and Germany are two countries with a very strong free media, and this is what is keeping us alive, the free media in Germany.

Listen to this entire discussion. It is uncanny how the globalists in Germany are using the same oppressive tactics as the Biden regime here in the USA.

This is a very revealing discussion.

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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