During testimony before Congress, outgoing CDC head Rochelle Walensky perjured herself TWICE

Rochelle Walensky, the soon-to-be former director of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) on June 30, testified before Congress the other day about her involvement in spreading lies about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines." And during her testimony, Walensky perjured herself twice.

Walensky appeared before the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, during which she confirmed that most everything she said and did during the "pandemic" caused more harm than good.

Walensky confirmed, for instance, that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) promoted prolonged school closures that harmed children. The AFT did this because its president, Randi Weingarten, maintained direct contact with Walensky via both her professional and personal mobile phones.

It was because of Walensky's influence that American schoolchildren were forced to stay at home, social distance, and wear masks, which caused many of them to develop physical, mental, emotional, and probably spiritual health problems.

When asked by Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) about the CDC's role in pressuring tech companies like Facebook, now Meta, to censor free speech, Walensky refused to respond, claiming that the "topic is one that is under litigation in the courts, so I will not be speaking to that."

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Why was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene the only Congress critter to ask the right questions during Walensky's hearing?

Walensky was visibly uncomfortable as the questioning continued. She had a very difficult time answering, not to mention the fact that she openly lied not once but twice during the proceedings.

Her first lie was to claim that she had no idea covid jabs do not stop transmission of the disease back when she told the American people that they are supposedly "95 percent effective."

Dr. Naomi and other experts published a report showing that Walensky knew perfectly well at the time that the jabs do not work as she repeatedly claimed they did.

"Our experts found that Pfizer knew in November of 2020, which means she knew because she had the same documents, that the vaccines did not work to stop COVID," Dr. Wolf says.

"And in fact, Pfizer got rid of [at least] 200 vaccinated covid-sick people in their trials in order falsely to make the claim that they were 95 percent effective. But the fact that they got rid of those 200-[plus] sick people is right there in the documents that Rochelle Walensky was given."

Walensky's second lie says that it is not possible to transmit covid while fully vaccinated. This lie served as the basis behind all of the government's illegal mandates – and once again, Walensky was fully aware that she was speaking falsehoods at the time she uttered them.

"The Pfizer Documents show, as of November 2020, that the vaccines didn't work to stop transmission – that there was vaccine failure and failure of efficacy," Dr. Wolf said. "So she categorically lied to Congress twice."

Dr. Wolf is very upset about the proceedings, not simply because Walensky lied under oath but also because the Congress critters questioning her failed to ask the woman the most important questions, mainly pertaining to what was unveiled through the Pfizer Documents.

Dr. Wolf says she was "frustrated" watching the hearing "because all of the evidence that these interrogators on the right needed is in our Pfizer Documents book. For the most part, they didn't ask the right questions or the right follow-up questions, except for Marjorie Taylor Greene."

"That woman murdered babies and she knew it," Dr. Wolf said. "And five days after we posted [Pfizer] Report 69, she announced her resignation. So that's what Congress should be asking her about." 

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