CHINESE TROOPS COMING TO AMERICA’S DOORSTEP: Communist China Working to Establish Military Training Facility in Cuba – Just 90 Miles South of Florida

After the Biden regime announced yesterday they would let Communist China invade Taiwan, we learn today that they are willing to let our greatest enemy to build a military base right at our doorstep.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Cuba and China are negotiating to establish a joint trining facility on island. this will lead to Chinese forces being established just off the Florida coast. Cuba is positioned just 90 miles south of Florida.

The talks are at an advanced stage at the moment but have not yet concluded according to the Journal report. The Biden regime’s only move so far has been to try to convince the Cubans to consider how making a deal with China could impact their national sovereignty.

Of course, Cuba will laugh this off so America’s only hope is if the Chinese decide to have a change of heart.

The Journal reported earlier this month that Cuba and China reached an agreement in principle on a new eavesdropping site in Cuba but the Biden regime called the report false.

According to the Journal, here are some of the grave consequences for allowing China to set up shop just south of the continental United States:

Current and former U.S. officials said a new military facility could provide China with a platform to potentially house troops permanently on the island and broaden its intelligence gathering, including electronic eavesdropping, against the U.S.

Most worrying for the U.S.: The planned facility is part of China’s “Project 141,” an initiative by the People’s Liberation Army to expand its global military base and logistical support network, one current and one former U.S. official said.

Left unmentioned is that China would have a launch point to potentially invade the United States should a war break out between the two nations. Several reports have in the past have suggested that this is quite possible.

China already reportedly holds significant military advantages over America. Here are some of the areas where China would have an edge over America in a potential conflict according to retired General Jack Keane:

China does have a military advantage. They have more ships, more airplanes, more offensive and defensive missiles than the United States has.

When one combines these advantages with a Chinese training facility at America’s doorstep that serve as an invasion launch point, one could argue we might soon be speaking Chinese if the Biden regime remains in power for another term.

The only remaining question is will the Biden Crime Family turn another profit after handing America over to our most dangerous foe.

(Article by Cullen Linebarger republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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