After less than three decades of diversity, equity and inclusion, Africa’s richest city has turned into a “crumbling hellscape”

Not too long ago, Johannesburg, the capital city of South Africa, was a wealthy, vibrant and beautiful place – an economic gem and the pride of the vast African landscape. Today, however, the city has descended into a "crumbling hellscape" due to the imposition of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) politics.

DEI, by the way, is code for anti-white racism. Wherever it rears its ugly head, white people end up being mistreated – or in the case of Johannesburg, driven out of the city entirely because it is no longer safe to be white while living there.

According to reports, Johannesburg saw a mass exodus of white people beginning in the 1990s and running through the early 2000s. Escalating violence, rampant anti-white racism, and limited employment opportunities for white people resulted in the once-successful city becoming a toxic, crime-ridden cesspool.

"This once vibrant city, built on a foundation of wealth, has transformed into a bleak wasteland reminiscent of the novel 'Lord of the Flies,' overrun by chaos, violence, and despair," reports Revolver – check out the below video to see for yourself what has happened to Johannesburg:

America: If you don't stop the DEI and CRT takeover, your country will look just like Johannesburg

To see what Johannesburg looked like back in the 1980s before anti-white DEI policies were implemented, check out the footage below which was captured in 1981 when Johannesburg was at its best:

Now, Johannesburg has gone "woke" – and the wreckage left behind is tragic (see below):

Technically the first entire country to be rebuilt based on so-called "Critical Race Theory" (CRT) ideals – CRT is similar to DEI in that it is basically anti-white racism under another name – South Africa has declined to such a degree that it no longer even resembles what it once was.

The United States is another country currently in the crosshairs of the DEI and CRT agenda, bringing with it similar chaos and destruction the more these concepts become embedded into everyday life.

"South Africa did everything that is being done in America right now," Revolver warned, noting that it starts with rioting and looting of the kind that became normalized in America after the George Floyd psy-op. "As a hyperdiverse multiethnic, multilingual society, South Africa has followed almost every prescription embraced by the globalist ruling class."

"This is about more than riots. This wave of violence will eventually peter out. But there is no reason to be optimistic when that happens. There will be no sense of having survived a calamity, and having a chance to rebuild. When this wave of burning and looting and killing are over, there is nothing to look forward to but the next wave."

Some were hopeful that things might turn around in Africa after it hosted the World Cup in 2010, but that hope has been dashed the more the country has declined. South Africa is now stricken with failing water infrastructure, widespread government corruption, and out-of-control crime – with no end in sight.

"In the meantime, Johannesburg has fallen thanks to CRT and DEI," Revolver noted. "It's nearly impossible to live normally, let alone run a business; power outages can last upwards of ten hours a day in the city."

Anti-white racism is destroying cities, states and even entire countries. Learn more at

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