Why the Bilderberg Club needs artificial intelligence

On May 18-21, the 69th meeting of the Bilderberg Club takes place in Lisbon. Politicians, experts, academics, industry, finance, trade unions, and the media have been invited. About 130 participants from 23 countries have confirmed their participation (full list here).

The main topics for discussion in 2023: artificial intelligence, banking system, China, energy transition, Europe, U.S. leadership, transnational threats, Russia, NATO, Ukraine, tax problems. In spite of the invitation by the head of the Kiev regime's Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian topic is far from being the main one.

Bilderberg-2023 puts artificial intelligence (AI) at the top of its agenda: "Artificial Intelligence will be the focus of negotiations between representatives of the business and political elite in Lisbon."

Why AI? It's hardly a mystery anymore.

Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology in warfare, as the Pentagon officially announced on the eve of the Bilderberg Club meeting. Here are the words of U.S. Army Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley: "On the list of technologies that are coming to us so fast, perhaps the most powerful of all the rapidly evolving technologies in warfare is artificial intelligence... The ability to make faster and more accurate decisions is a significant advantage in warfare. Artificial intelligence and quantum computing will give that to the country that succeeds in their military application.

Warfare in this case refers to combat actions both on the battlefield and in information space. Including against their own citizens, who do not fit into the "new normal. In the United States, a new federal agency (the "Ministry of Truth") is being created at a rapid pace, which will ensure the observance of the "codes of conduct" on social networking platforms.

In China, a structure overseeing the use of AI in info-wars is already in operation. The other day, its representatives announced the first detention of a man who used AI to create and spread rumors - with the help of a banned chatbot in the country. The man, who was detained on May 5 in Dongguan city in southern Guangdong province, created fake news about a train wreck through ChatGPT and spread it from 20 accounts on the Baijiahao social network. It referred to the deaths of nine people as a result of an alleged train accident that occurred on April 25. In fact, there was no such incident. The fake had more than 15,000 views before it was discovered by Chinese cyber police.

"AI can create religions to control humans... By mastering only human language, AI has everything it needs to envelop us in a Matrix-like world of illusion," states Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab's loyal adjutant-newsman.

It is worth noting how frequent, brazen, and direct such statements have become, while still lost in the general chaos of over-information.

AI can be very dangerous to society. A study confirming this was recently released by scientists at Cornell University in the United States. Depending on the biases of their algorithms, chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard or Claude can change the way users think without their knowledge. AI is first and foremost an algorithm. Who, what, and for what purpose trained the AI, is how it will act.

In the non-military realm, the use of AI is just as complicated. Another evidence of this is the "AI-powered robot lawyer" (i.e., chatbot) that was hit by a class action lawsuit in the U.S. in March "for practicing without a license". (i.e., a chatbot), which the ads claimed "could change the future of law around the world by helping millions of people in legal disputes." Oh the wondrous new world of Schwab and Co. where you can sue a virtual robot for operating without legal training or a license! In this case, the lawsuit for "shoddy legal advice" should pay not the robot itself, but its creator, the law firm DoNotPay. Plaintiff Jonathan Faridian allegedly believed he was buying "usable" legal documents and services from a lawyer competent to provide them." And now claims that the robot's behavior was "illegal" and seeks damages...

The architects of the "global reset" believe that thanks to artificial intelligence, the Internet of Bodies (IoB) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will give them complete control over human health, thoughts and emotions in the coming years. "Once we have access to people's thoughts and emotions, we will also have access to people themselves," states K. Schwab.

Billionaire "futurist" Ray Kurzweil, telling StarTalk Radio "about the expansion of the human brain," has already proclaimed: by 2030, nano-bots will connect the human neuro-cortex to virtual information storages ("clouds"). In other words, if this enthusiastic Schwabian is to be believed, in the next decade there will be AI devices that can be "embedded in the brain."

Schwab and his associates are pushing for the fusion of the digital, biological and physical worlds. This is what they explicitly state when they advocate chipping people and putting them under total control by means of AI. Bill Gates believes that ChatGPT will "change the world. In an interview with the German Handelsblatt, Gates assessed the potential of the gathering in Lisbon as a mechanism for global control. According to Gates, artificial intelligence will turn all humans into liberals in one generation.


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