WHO: ‘It’s Time To Teach Toddlers How To Enjoy Masturbation’

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it’s time to teach toddlers “how to enjoy masturbation” while giving them the tools they need to “explore their sexuality.”

The new guidance pushes “sexuality for infants” and demands that parents allow their newborn babies to “explore gender identities.”

The disturbing guidelines are being distributed to schools and recommend that toddlers “ask questions about sexuality” and learn about the “enjoyment of early childhood masturbation.”

The explicit guidance also says that “sexuality education starts from birth” and is described as a “framework for policymakers, educational and health authorities and specialists.”

Slaynews.com reports: The advice on how to “talk about sexual matters” with young children is aimed at policymakers around the world and was translated into several languages.

According to the globalist WHO, the guidance is being promoted at national and international events.

The document was also consulted by Welsh ministers who last year rolled out a mandatory sexual education syllabus to schools in Wales.

In the U.K., the emergence of the guidelines has led to a backlash from the government, MPs, and activists.

The advice proposes that four-to-six year-olds should be urged to “talk about sexual matters” and taught to “consolidate their gender identity.”

It recommends that children under the age of four should be told “from birth” that they have “the right to ask questions about sexuality” and “the right to explore gender identities.”

The WHO guidance also says that children aged four and under should be taught about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.”

These topics are described as the “minimal standards that need to be covered by sexuality education.”

A U.K. government spokesperson has argued that the WHO has overruled lawmakers and rolled out the guidelines without official approval.

“The U.K. Government does not recognize this WHO guidance and we don’t agree with its recommendations,” the spokesperson warned.

“We have not distributed or promoted it to schools.

“We offer our own guidance to help schools to teach children and young people about relationships and health.”

A Welsh government spokesperson also warned it did not “endorse” the WHO guidance.

“What is taught in schools is set out clearly in the RSE [Sex and Relationships Education curriculum] Code,” the spokesperson said.

“The code gives very clear direction to schools so that children only learn about things that are appropriate for their age and development.

“At a younger age, children will be taught about treating each other with kindness and empathy.”

Meanwhile, the WHO’s guidance has been condemned by parents’ organizations and activist groups concerned about premature sexualization.

Tanya Carter, a spokeswoman for Safe Schools Alliance, which campaigns for child safety, has demanded an “urgent inquiry” into sexual education guidance issued by UN organizations such as the WHO and UNESCO.

“An urgent inquiry is needed into how this ideology… has come to influence so much public thinking,” Carter added.

A WHO spokesman told The Telegraph the organization stands by its guidance and it remains accessible.

The spokesman added: “Our guidelines reflect established psychological facts about children’s understanding of their bodies and psychosocial development based on decades of research.”

The document asserts that children embark on sexual education from birth.

It reads: “From birth, babies learn the value and pleasure of bodily contact, warmth, and intimacy.

“Soon after that, they learn what is ‘clean’ and what is ‘dirty’.”

(Article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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