WEF Orders Govt’s To Create Regulations to Hard Code Globalist Ideals Into Artificial Intelligence Software

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ordered world governments to pass new laws that will ensure Artificial Intelligence (AI) opposes all types of freedom.

Klaus Schwab’s globalist organization says AI must be programmed to see ‘hate speech’ and ‘misinformation’ as problematic.

The elite are now pushing to make sure that governments and regulators around the world crack down on AI to ensure the narratives of the globalists are hard coded into the software.

Slaynews.com reports: According to WEF, cyber-criminals are using deepfakes so much these days that the problem has become “worrying.”

The organization insists that AI is spreading in the news industry and will cause “misinformation” to flourish, arguing that it is “a growing global concern.”

In recent years, the technology industry has grown substantially across the board, with profits, the number of users of social platforms, and levels of censorship and surveillance all soaring.

However, the WEF chooses to look at deepfakes in isolation.

The Switzerland-based group warns of a rapid increase in the amount of this content and forecasts that this trend will continue.

And while deepfakes have been around for a long time in order to help businesses – particularly the entertainment industry, the WEF speaks about them as “a threat to businesses.”

The WEF seems certain that businesses and politicians are at increasing from deepfakes.

Then there’s inevitably the conjecture that they could easily pose a threat to society at an alarming level.

The organization warns deepfakes could compromise everything from elections to national security.

And what better way to get policymakers on board with the WEF’s plan than to remind politicians that they could become victims of deepfakes technology if they don’t crackdown on AI soon?

Schwab and his powerful group of allies insist that the solution is to let the WEF lead the way in defining the foundations of regulating AI in an “ethical” and “inclusive” way – before it’s too late.

To this end, the WEF’s proposal for AI regulation would ensure that making sure the development of the technology is “inclusive, transparent, and used safely and responsibly.”

To meet these goals, the WEF has come up with a “toolkit for human resources.”

“By developing AI standards for children, the Forum is creating actionable guidelines to educate, empower and protect children and youth,” a post on WEF’s website says.

The proposal continues by laying out plans for the WEF to be at the center of how companies and the healthcare sector handle AI use and development.

“In partnership with the UK government, the Forum created a set of procurement recommendations designed to unlock public-sector adoption of responsible AI,” the article continues.

So far, more than 100 companies, governments, civil society, and academic organizations have joined WEF’s Global AI Action Alliance.

The WEF promises to “accelerate the adoption of responsible AI in the global public interest.”

And while regulating AI to some extent may be in the “public interest,” handing over control to the WEF and turning the technology “woke” certainly isn’t.

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