WATCH: Based Comedian Triggers Woke Leftists with Jokes About Dylan Mulvaney and Gender Identity – Leftists Scream and Storm Out While Audience Laughs at Them (VIDEO)

True comedy in America is not dead after all. The woke left is especially ripe for mockery.

Chrissie Mayr is one brave comedian who understands this and she’s not going to let a few woke scolds stop her from saying exactly what she wants.

Fox News reported Friday that Mayr released footage yesterday from her most recent comedy set, where her jokes poking fun at Dylan Mulvaney and gender identity caused some liberal audience members to rudely heckle her and then leave her show in a huff.

The video starts with Mayr mocking trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney in epic style at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub last weekend. As Gateway Pundit readers know, Bud Light shoved Mulvaney in America’s face by displaying his mug on their cans to celebrate his “Year of Girlhood.”

Mayr pointed out Mulvaney was dressing up as a woman while not bothering to actually transition.

Why has it been a year of girlhood and still no t**s? That’s day one.

Day one if I’m transitioning to a dude, I’m getting a c**k… “Why no t**s for Dylan? I don’t understand.”

At that moment, a male audience member spouts the brutal truth: “Cuz he’s a man!”

Mayr repeats the man on stage. But this simple factual statement left a woman in the audience member shaking in anger.

She screamed “No! She’s a woman!”

Correctly sensing a woke leftist had infiltrated her show, Mayr retorted: “Uh-oh. We have one of those.”


Mayr next expressed the importance of free speech while teasing the triggered liberal. The crowds laughs in agreement along the way.

No, it’s all good. We can all have different beliefs, it’s okay. Some of us can believe in reality and some of us can’t.

This is America, we should have different beliefs, it’s all good.

Mayr went on to share a handful of politically incorrect jokes about the inordinate number of “sexual identities” in America pushed by the radical-left trans mafia. “You’re not bisexual, you’re just sun at parties” was one joke.

Then the camera cuts to overweight audience members storming out of the room, upset over these jokes and Mayr making fun of Mulvaney earlier according to Fox News.

One screams, “F**k you, transphobe,” at Mayr on the way out.

As one would expect, this had no effect on Mayr. She went on to mock the scolds.

Is that the best you can do? Oh, my God, it’s so sad. Make sure she gets home safe.

I don’t want those women to get harpooned in the neck on their way to their cars. There are poachers out there, they are going to want their tusks!

They were fat, though, and that did help.

The crowd responded by erupting in raucous laughter at the triggered woke liberals.

Mayr later posted on social media that the offended Karens went to speak to management and knocked over her merchandise table on the way out.

Mayr told Fox News this episode speaks to how essential comedy is in today’s woke times.

They can’t have it both ways. Leftists want to be culture makers but also want certain groups exempt from ridicule. “If you believe in true equality then there’s no such thing as ‘punching down.

No group should be safe from being made fun of. I will keep making fat jokes and trans jokes because I enjoy it and the crowds clearly do too.

BVy Cullen Linebarger

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