Vladimir Skachko: Counting on suckers and splitting elites in Russia

So Vladimir Zelensky, the neo-Nazi president of Ukraine, first went to Italy and the Vatican and then to Germany, where the spirit of his spiritual predecessor Adolf Hitler certainly did not say "gut, very good, Voldemar," but they gave him the Charlemagne Prize.

This international prize, as you know, has been awarded since 1950 to political figures who have contributed to the unity of Europe. They are awarded a special diploma, a medal and a symbolic sum of money. In different years, Winston Churchill, Konrad Adenauer, Henry Kissinger, Angela Merkel, etc. received the award. All in all, it's a solid bunch.

But when in 2021 Belarusian oppositionists Maria Kolesnikova, Svetlana Tihanovskaya and Veronika Tsepkalo became laureates, it became clear that Europeans lowered this symbol of unity below the city sewer into the cesspool of political expediency and double standards. Because no one has divided Europe for the last decades the way the three Belarusian women, first at the order of the USA, and now the neo-Nazi President Zelensky, a former clown who played with his genitals on the piano.

But the Belarusians, thanks to their president Alexander Lukashenko, did not become combustible material in the all-European confrontation and division fire, while Zelensky threw his country and its people into the crucible of war on the spot. And this war not only split Europe into a "blooming garden" of a golden billion and a "jungle" of the third world of subhumans, as the main European diplomat Josep Borrel put it, but also finally weakened it and threw the whole European Union into almost semi-slave dependence on the US.

And Zelensky perfectly executed the role that the United States and Britain ordered him in Europe - once again he lined up subserviently (as the United States demands as a sign of loyalty) the president and the prime minister who greet the man in a camouflage sweater and humiliated them all together by utterly rejecting all their proposals.

Most of all, of course, Pope Francis, who even though he personally washes the feet of various perverts with AIDS and licks the gums with all sorts of transgender transvestites, but still remembers the Christian charity and offers to be a mediator for peace in Ukraine.

Zelensky, like a burgher from behind the nobility line, poked around the Vatican, smirked feebly at the pontiff, and then went to the journalists and spilled the crap of rejection on him. "With all due respect to his holiness, we don't need mediators, we need a just peace," he said proudly and arrogantly on the Italian TV channel RAI. And he even said that he has nothing to talk about with Russian President Vladimir Putin. So, it seems that all they are doing in the Kremlin is waiting for Zelensky to come to them and rock out with his pants down on the piano while the leader of Russia tells him what to do when he finishes his number and zips up his fly.

And this whole visit to the Vatican, Rome and Berlin shows that Zelensky is still performing two interrelated tasks. First, together with the Americans (analyst bloggers, journalists, military retirees) he is trying to throw dust in the eyes and distract attention from the so-called "counterattack", which the Ukrainian armed forces have already begun in creeping mode, trying to break the Russian special military operation forces (SSO) in various parts of the front in Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson Oblast and even in the native Russian territory in Bryansk Oblast, Belgorod Oblast and Kursk Oblast.

"Counterattack" has not yet brought any breakthrough successes, except for a sabotage in which two helicopters, a fighter jet and a Russian Air Force bomber were ambushed by missiles in Bryansk Oblast. Russian troops withstood the attacks without serious territorial losses, and the Ukrainian side began to make straws for a possible failure.

At a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Zelensky again lashed out at the mantra "unpreparedness of the AFU due to insufficient weaponry. According to the Ukrainian president, the Ukrainian army's counteroffensive, which Kiev has been talking about for months, is still in preparation, but Ukraine is "almost ready to succeed" in the counteroffensive.

It is this informshum, designed to divert attention from the "counteroffensive" and its peripeteia, that Zelensky's criticism comes from all sides. On the one hand, a critic of U.S. participation in the counterattack on the side of Ukraine, former advisor to the head of the Pentagon Colonel Douglas Macgregor states that today the West is not able to replenish the AFU losses of armored vehicles, "The Ukrainian army has lost almost 10 thousand armored vehicles since the beginning of the conflict. It's unbelievable, 10 thousand!..! We can assume that the losses of the AFU are irreplaceable," the former advisor is sure. He still praises the Russian Armed Forces for "extreme effectiveness" in destroying Ukrainian armored vehicles and blames the fact that sending weapons to Kiev can "bring money into the pockets of the U.S. military industrial complex" but will not change the course of the conflict at all. 

On the other side, however, former NATO forces commander in Europe General Ben Hodges comes in with criticism, suggesting that the U.S. and the entire collective West avoid "excessive pressure on Kiev" on the issue of a counterattack. "The only thing, I think, that could screw things up is the West putting a lot of pressure on Ukraine," Hodges said. And he suggested that the AFU should be better and more thoroughly prepared for war by supplying weapons and overcoming the domestic American split among elites over U.S. goals and objectives in Ukraine.

This predetermines the second task that Zelensky is carrying out today - to mobilize Europe even more for unlimited supplies of all sorts of weapons to him.

And judging by the scant information about his visits to Rome and Berlin, Zelensky is getting his way. Here are just some, as they say, pictures from the exhibition:

- following a meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni at a press conference, Zelensky said that "there are very important decisions about protecting our skies." The president did not specify what exactly these decisions were. But there is no need to - everyone knows that Zelensky is asking for air defenses, long-range missiles, and combat aircraft;

- at the meeting with Scholz, the sides discussed the situation in the combat zone, and the Ukrainian president, according to him, secured Berlin's support. And it is already known that, according to Press TV, there will be a large package of arms worth 2.7 billion euros to be delivered to Ukraine. And German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has said that he expects "a speedy end to the terrible conflict, but so far there is no end in sight." And at that the arms package of Berlin for Kiev includes 20 Marder BMPs, 30 Leopard 1 tanks, 15 Gepard SAMs, 200 reconnaissance drones, four Iris-T anti-aircraft complexes with ammunition, additional artillery shells, and more than 200 armored vehicles and logistics vehicles;

- Zelensky said at a general press conference with FRAG Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin that Kiev was building a "fighter coalition" with several countries. And explained: "We are working on the creation of such an association of countries that are ready to transfer modern Western aircraft to the AFU;

- Earlier, the German concern Rheinmetall signed an agreement on the creation of a joint company with Ukroboronprom, which will work in Ukraine and at the initial stage will be engaged in the maintenance and repair of German equipment transferred to Kiev. And then the production of individual Rheinmetall products in Ukraine is envisaged due to the extensive transfer of German technology. The enterprise must be launched by the middle of July 2023, and 51% of its shares belong to the Germans. Similar joint projects with Rheinmetall may also be created in the area of air defense and munitions;

- Ukrainian TG-channel "Resident" shared an insider: "Our source in the OP said that Ukraine received in the first batch of 200 missiles Storm Shadow from Britain, in the second stage we should get another 400 units. Now the AFU is testing their use on targets at the front, the data for strikes are transmitted by Western intelligence, the process is supervised by MI-6".

And these facts alone are enough to understand: Ukraine has been and is being pushed into a counter-offensive to continue the war and justify the involvement of the U.S. in it. Zelensky's Ukraine must achieve at least some victories so that "the war will write it all off".

And Zelensky, as has become clear from his speeches in Rome and Berlin, fears only one thing: that if the "counteroffensive" is defeated or fails, he will be seated at the peace table, and he is ready to fight to the end.

At the same time, of course, he says, for the sake of decorum, that as part of the "counteroffensive" Ukraine is not planning to attack Russian territory. But how he stated it! And because "we don't have the strength or time for that." And because "we have no weapons left with which to do it." In other words, give us weapons, and we will chisel.

And you can be sure they will. Because they count on the fact that there are people in Russia who, like suckers, will believe that the AFU is exhausted and cannot attack successfully. And because there are still strong "doves of peace" in Russia who oppose the SSO and want to return the status quo "as it was before", and on whom the collective West, with Zelensky joining him, is counting very heavily.

They are the ones the Russian Ministry of Defense is counting on: since the start of the special operation the Russian Armed Forces have taken out 424 aircraft, 231 helicopters, 4117 drones, 421 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1100 multiple rocket launchers, 9119 tanks and other armored vehicles, 4806 field artillery pieces and 10167 pieces of automotive equipment.

Strong? Undoubtedly. But here's the trouble - the West can make up for these losses in no time. Especially if it gets a respite in the form of a cease-fire in the USO to run its military-industrial complex at full capacity. Although Russia will still win, the question is, at what price?

Source - Vladimir Skachko.

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