VACCINE ROULETTE: Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find

The safety profile of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” seems to be widely dependent upon the batch from which a given injection comes. Some batches are exceptionally toxic, a new review has found, while others are slightly less toxic.

London-based researcher Craig Paardekooper figured this all out via data he collected from the government-run Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). He learned that “one in 200 of the [covid vaccine] batches are highly toxic,” while the vast majority of them are not as toxic, at least in the shorter term.

“In fact, 70 percent of the batches for the vaccine-only produce one adverse reaction report in total,” Paardekooper writes, adding that “80 percent of the vaccine batches only produce one or two adverse reaction reports.”

Upon closer look, Paardekooper discovered that certain anomaly batches “produced thousands of times the number of adverse reactions.” These batches stand out from the vast majority of other batches in that one caused 1,012 adverse reactions, another caused 1,394 adverse reactions, and another caused 4,911 adverse reactions.

The people unfortunate enough to have gotten jabbed from one of the really toxic batches are now either dead or seriously injured, with little, if any, chance at recovering.

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Just 4% and 5% of Pfizer and Moderna’s covid jab lots, respectively, account for all associated death reports

To put this all into perspective, Paardekooper found that just four percent of Pfizer’s covid jab lots accounted for all of the death reports associated with that mRNA injection, while five percent of Moderna’s accounted for all death reports associated with that mRNA injection.

The other 96 percent and 95 percent of the two companies’ batches, respectively, were orders of magnitude safer than the extremely lethal batches in question. And we know from the data that these highly toxic batches were disseminated across multiple states.

For Pfizer, just 2.9 percent of all covid jab lots were distributed to more than 12 different states, and were associated with 96.5 percent of all deaths, 95.5 percent of all hospitalizations, and 94.7 percent of all adverse event reports linked to that particular brand of jab.

Comparatively, 97.1 percent of the remaining Pfizer lots were distributed to fewer than 12 states and were associated with just 3.5 percent of all product death reports, 4.5 percent of all hospitalizations, and 5.3 percent of all adverse event reports.

To help people better understand the situation and to evaluate the data for themselves, Paardekooper set up a website of his own called that contains a tutorial explaining how anyone can replicate his findings using relevant data from VAERS.

Retired pharmaceutical industry executive Alexandra Latypova did just that after connecting with Paardekooper directly, using a team of researchers with experience in clinical trials, data analysis, statistics, pharmaceutical industry regulations, manufacturing, and research and development to further analyze the figures.

Latypova uploaded a 20-minute video highlighting the disparities between covid jab lots and pointing to the importance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laws that are “designed to ensure safety and consistency of pharmaceutical products which must be produced in large quantities to very exacting standards of purity, stability, consistency, etc.”

“Breaches of these practices have historically resulted in tragic cases of adulterated, tainted, or poisoned drug products which resulted in loss of life and severe injuries,” she further wrote in an email correspondence.

“The failure to comply (with these practices) … shall render such drug to be adulterated,’ and that is a pretty significant crime to sell adulterated products.”

“This is intentional, premeditated mass murder,” added attorney Reiner Fuellmich about the matter. “There’s absolutely no doubt about it because nothing else makes any sense.”

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