The exorcist named three signs of possession

Father Carlos Martins, a former atheist who became one of the most respected exorcists in the Catholic Church, has shared a chilling story of how he witnessed a man possessed by a demon, reports

He told Christian podcaster Cameron Bertuzzi that he was once called to help a firefighter who was suspected of being under demonic influence.

Fr. Martins said he had a simple way to test if someone was really possessed: he would secretly sprinkle a drop of holy water on their clothing and observe their reaction. He said that holy water, which is blessed by a priest, has the power to irritate and expose demons.

He said he did this to the firefighter, who was wearing a jacket, and the result was shocking.

“This particular individual immediately shot up backwards in the air, hissing like a cat,” he said. “And I didn’t have that individual any longer now – it’s the demon speaking.”

Fr. Martins said he then confronted the demon and asked for its name and purpose. He said that demons are intelligent beings who live outside of space and time, and they can reveal things that are hidden or distant.

Fr. Martins said that there are three classic signs of demonic possession: speaking in unknown languages, displaying supernatural strength or abilities, and having knowledge of hidden or distant events.

He said that he has encountered many cases of people who exhibited these signs, and he has performed hundreds of exorcisms over the past 20 years. He said that exorcism is a ministry of mercy and healing, and that he does it out of love for God and his people.

Fr. Martins is also a keeper of ancient holy relics, which are objects that belonged to or touched saints or Jesus Christ. He said that these relics are powerful instruments of grace and miracles, and he sometimes uses them in exorcisms.

He said that he travels around the world with his collection of relics, which includes pieces of the True Cross, the Crown of Thorns, and the Veil of Veronica. He said that he invites people to venerate these relics and experience their blessings.

Fr. Martins said that he believes that demonic activity is increasing in the world, and that people need to be aware of the spiritual warfare that is going on.

He said that people can protect themselves from evil by living a holy life, praying regularly, receiving the sacraments, and wearing sacramentals such as medals or crucifixes. He also warned against dabbling in occult practices such as witchcraft, astrology, tarot cards, or Ouija boards, which can open doors to demonic influences.

Fr. Martins said that his mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help people who are suffering from spiritual afflictions. He said that he has seen many miracles and conversions through his work as an exorcist and a relic custodian. He said that he hopes to inspire people to have faith in God and to trust in his power and mercy.

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