Soros, Schwab, and Gates are an “unholy trinity” that architected our dystopian past, present & future

Ever since the rise of covid, the Wuhan coronavirus, back in late 2019, three names have dominated independent media headlines: George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates.

Why are these three always in the room whenever evil is present? And why do they hold incredible power and sway over world events? In a nutshell, these three globalist kingpins are all globalists, all wealthy, and all have been working throughout their lives to take over the world and plunge us all into a dystopian hell.

In many ways, these three members of the “unholy trinity” have already created the dystopia they desire. The final touches are still in the works, but generally speaking, these three controversial figures have already achieved their goal of initiating a Great Reset, followed by their own vision of a New World Order.

While Soros, Schwab, and Gates all come from very different backgrounds, their approach to life is much the same. They are all involved in philanthropic endeavors and collaborations, often with one another; they all exert global influence through their involvement in various international organizations, think tanks and advocacy groups; and they all have a shared interest in “global challenges” like climate change, health care, and inequality.

It’s all about subduing the masses and propping up the globalists

Soros, a Hungarian-born billionaire investor and “philanthropist,” gained most of his power and influence through money – and specifically as a hedge fund manager. He wields influence across the world, particularly with liberal causes that oppose populism, nationalism, and other perceived threats to his “open society” vision for the world.

“Soros’ support for alleged liberal causes and his efforts to shape political landscapes have earned him enemies among conservative circles,” reports explain. “His financial activities and speculative trades have contributed to economic instability and currency devaluations.”

“Because of this, several accusations of market manipulation and attempts to influence political outcomes have been levied against him.”

Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has played a key role in shaping global economic and social policies. He is the one who coined the term “Great Reset,” which really amped up with the conveniently timed emergence of covid, which was a vehicle to bring Schwab’s vision into reality.

“Advocates for The Great Reset argue that it presents an opportunity to build a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable world,” reports indicate.

“Critics, on the other hand, perceive it as a top-down approach that consolidates power and control in the hands of an unelected elite. And they rightly raise concerns about the potential erosion of individual freedoms and the impact on national sovereignty.”

Then there is Gates, a Microsoft cofounder-turned-vaccine apologist whose involvement in pushing “vaccines” and other pharmaceuticals on global populations, particularly in the Third World, has helped bring about the visions of the other two.

In many ways, Gates’ goals are the same as the goals of Soros and Schwab, who want to transform the entire world into a dystopian nightmare for the masses, and a utopian paradise for themselves.

“His foundation has played a pivotal role in funding and supporting initiatives such as vaccine development and delivery, disease eradication campaigns, and improving healthcare infrastructure in low-income countries,” reports explain about Gates.

“However, the immense influence that Gates wields over global health policies and initiatives is hugely concerning considering he is neither a doctor nor a scientist.”

Together, this unholy trinity is reshaping the world in its own image, demonstrating the danger of allowing a small few to own and control the large many through unfettered power, seemingly unlimited wealth, and a penchant for conscienceless acts of evil to achieve their globalist goals.

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