Socialist Democrat Calls for White-Owned Businesses to Pay Higher Taxes

Socialist Democrat Candi CdeBaca, a radical member of the Denver City Council, has called for white-owned businesses to pay higher taxes.

CdeBaca, who is currently running for reelection, declared that white people should be taxed extra to help fund “black and brown-owned businesses” in the Colorado city.

CdeBaca is suggesting the racist communist-style new tax on white-owned businesses to fund “racial reparations,” NBC News in Denver reports.

She advocated for race-based taxation during a Thursday forum before the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance.

However, the plan would almost certainly prompt constitutional challenges.

CdeBaca faces a June 6 runoff to represent District 9.

Her challenger, Darrel Watson, said he also supports reparations in the form of private business investment in minority communities.

“Capitalism was built on stolen land, stolen labors, and stolen resources,” CdeBaca falsely claimed.

CdeBaca, who identifies as a Democratic Socialist, said a business improvement districts (BID) could be used to enact a race-based tax on white-owned businesses.

“You could be collecting those extra taxes from white-led businesses all over the city and redistributing them to black and brown-owned businesses,” CdeBaca said.


Video of the comments provoked a swift and severe backlash on Twitter.

Meanwhile, CdeBaca was recently accused of snubbing Denver’s black community.

She failed to attend multiple meetings organized by black leaders in the city.

Longtime political consultant John Bailey blasted her for being a “no show” for two runoff candidate forums he hosted with the black community.

In an email titled “YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME FOR US – WE WON’T SUPPORT OR VOTE FOR YOU,” Bailey — founder of the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative — called out CdeBaca for not being able to “find the time to meet with our black community collaboration of leaders and concerned citizens.”

Bailey said that when CdeBaca was asked to appear at the candidate forums, scheduled for two Saturdays at New Hope Baptist Church, she declined.

According to CdeBaca, she couldn’t make the meetings because of the short notice.

“[Bailey] reached out to me after dates were scheduled with only a week’s notice in the middle of a runoff,” she said.

There was “no effort to collaborate on a time that works, no courtesy of a request for dates that work,” she added.

According to CdeBaca’s campaign, the far-left councilwoman is being “strategically targeted and harassed, despite all candidates attending the forum agreeing to some kind of racial reparations.”

By Frank Bergman

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