Medvedev calls for “physical elimination” of Zelensky following failed assassination attempt on Putin

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is calling for the “physical elimination” of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after the Kremlin accused Kyiv of launching drones to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

Footage circulating in social media shows two videos of drones being taken down within the Kremlin grounds, where Putin’s main office is located. The Russian government said these drones were sent by Kyiv to the Kremlin in an attempt to assassinate Putin, a claim Zelensky promptly denied.

But the Russian government was adamant that the drones were launched by Kyiv in what it termed a “planned terrorist attack.”

“Two uncrewed aerial vehicles were aimed at the Kremlin,” said the Kremlin’s press office in a statement. “As a result of timely actions taken by the military and special services with the use of radar warfare systems, the devices were put out of action.”

“We regard these actions as a planned terrorist act and an attempt on the president’s life,” the Kremlin added. “The Russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures where and when it sees fit.”

The government’s fiercest allies similarly believe Ukraine was involved, including Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council and chairman of Putin’s political party, United Russia.

According to Medvedev, not only is Zelensky responsible for this assassination attempt, but Russia should respond in kind to this act.

“After today’s terrorist attack, there are no options left except for the physical elimination of Zelensky and his cabal,” he said in a statement. “It is not even needed to sign an act of unconditional surrender.”

“Hitler, as we know, didn’t sign [an unconditional surrender agreement] either,” he added. “There will always be some replacement, like figurehead president Admiral Donitz,” referencing the German admiral who briefly became head of state of Nazi Germany after Hitler’s suicide.

Other leading Russian officials have also issued statements strongly denouncing Ukraine.

“An attack on the president is an attack on Russia,” said Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the State Duma, Russia’s parliament. “There can be no negotiations. We will demand the use of weapons that are capable of stopping and destroying the Kyiv terrorist regime.”

Zelensky denies any involvement in drone attacks

Despite the Kremlin’s serious allegation, Zelensky still claims that neither he nor anybody else in the Ukrainian government was involved in the drone strikes against the heart of the Russian government.

“We don’t attack Putin or Moscow. We fight on our territory,” he claimed. “We are defending our villages and cities. We don’t have enough weapons for this. For us, that is a deficit – we can’t spend it. We didn’t attack Putin. We leave [this matter] to the [United Nations] tribunal.”

Other Ukrainian officials, including Zelensky’s press secretary, made similar statements.

“We have no information about the so-called night attacks on the Kremlin,” said the press secretary. “But, as President Zelensky has repeatedly stated, Ukraine directs all available forces and means to liberate its own territories, and not to attack others.”

Head of the Office of the President and key adviser to Zelensky Mykhailo Podolyak parroted Zelensky’s claim of not conducting attacks outside of Ukraine’s claimed borders. He said the drone attack could more easily be explained as the “guerrilla activities of local resistance forces” who purchased drones and rigged them with bombs from within Russia.

Watch this clip from “TeleTruth” discussing Medvedev’s statement that Russia will have to finish off not only Zelensky but his entire cabinet as well in retaliation for the failed assassination attempt against Putin.

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