Mantik and Corsi: New Book Provides Scientific Evidence JFK Was Assassinated in a Crossfire

On January 22, 2023, TGP in an article authored by Jerome Corsi, broke the story that Dr. David Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., has completed a thirty-year study of the three JFK autopsy films in the Kennedy Assassination collection at the National Archives.

Now, TGP can report that Mantik and Corsi are writing a book that will prove that shots from the front and back hit JFK’s head.  That JFK was killed in a crossfire proves there were multiple shooters on November 22, 1963. Multiple shooters prove JFK was killed in a crossfire.  Drs. Mantik and Corsi’s new book will be titled The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Final Word.  The subtitle will be: Forensic Analysis of the Autopsy X-Rays Prove Shots from the Front and Back Hit JFK’s Head.  The cover of the book will also proclaim: X-Rays Prove Crossfire—Crossfire Proves Conspiracy.

Asked about Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s accusations that the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination, both Mantik and Corsi responded that Mantik’s research “proves scientifically beyond with a certainty beyond doubt that the U.S. government was involved in the assassination and has conducted a coverup of the truth for sixty years.”

Nearly a year after applying to the Kennedy family, he received permission to view the JFK autopsy X-rays, the autopsy photographs, JFK’s clothing, and the ballistic evidence from Burke Marshall, the Kennedy family’s lawyer with power of attorney over these restricted materials.”  In the course of nine visits, Mantik made thousands of scientifically precise Optical Density (OD) readings of the JFK X-rays.  No one else has made anywhere near nine visits to examine these materials or taken so much data from the X-rays and photographs.

“I am honored to be one of only a handful of non-government physicians the Kennedy family granted access to examine these still-restricted materials,” Mantik explained.

“From the Optical Density readings, I can prove scientifically with a certainty beyond doubt that the three JFK autopsy X-rays in the National Archives today are forgeries,” Mantik told TGP.  “I can also prove scientifically with a certainty beyond doubt that JFK received three head wounds, two shot from the front and one shot from the rear.”

Dr. Mantik has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Michigan and an M.D. from the University of Michigan.  Starting in 1976, Dr. Mantik has practiced medicine as a radiation oncologist.

“I was angry that our historians had failed to solve this greatest of American mysteries. It was time for serious detective work, so I applied to the Kennedy family attorney,” Mantik explained to TGP.  “It took nearly one year, but finally, I received permission to view the JFK autopsy X-rays, photographs, JFK’s clothing, and ballistic evidence.  So, in 1993, I made the first of nine visits to these artifacts.”

Drs. Mantik and Corsi have given TGP exclusive permission to print the introduction of their book for the first time tomorrow.

(Article republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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