Former Pfizer VP Admits Big Pharma Is Carrying Out ‘Biggest Crime In History’

The globalist elite are using the pharmaceutical industry to carry out the biggest crime in the history of the world, according to former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeardon, who warns that it will involve the deaths of millions, if not billions, of people.

Michael Yeadon was a scientific researcher and VP at Big Pharma giant Pfizer. He also co-founded a successful biotech. Then he developed a conscience and dedicated the rest of his life to exposing the evils of the industry.

“We’re in the middle of the biggest crime in history,” said Dr. Yeardon. “It’s global. It has the intent of control, removing everybody’s freedom, and will involve killing further millions, if not billions of people. It is long planned.”

“If you comply with this tyranny, it will end with the loss of your liberty, and probably your life. That’s what’s going to happen if you and everybody else choose to do nothing at all.”

“You have to be brave now and risk embarrassment, and recruit other people to this cause.”

There is plenty of evidence to back up Yeardon’s claims – if you know where to look.

World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser Yuval Noah Harari recently declared that the WEF considers the vast majority of the human population to be obsolete, useless and redundant.

Harari, known as Klaus Schwab’s right hand man, made the disturbing comments in an interview with Chris Anderson, head of the TED media group, echoing past predictions of a “useless class” of “obselete” and “unemployable” humans.

According to Harari, so-called “common people” are right to be fearful of a future in which they will be made “redundant”.

Such fears are justified, according to Harari, who spoke on behalf of the elites and confirmed “We just don’t need the vast majority of you.”

Harari’s extraordinary remarks serve as the strongest warning yet that Klaus Schwab’s WEF is intent on depopulating the world.

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