Fast-food chains are pulling a fast one on customers, selling chicken products that are only about 60% real meat

Real, organic meat is getting harder and harder to come by. A closer look at 13 popular fast-food chains finds that most of these restaurants sell chicken products that are only about 60 percent real meat.

These corporations are selling “premium” and “all-white meat” products that are just watered down, fake food patties and spongy fake meat nuggets that are riddled with fake fibers, artificial powders, and flavorings. These fake products are full of water, thickeners, preservatives, and various other ingredients that dilute the nutritional quality of real meat. Some of these filler ingredients include soy, carrageenan, protein powders and wood pulp.

A closer look at 13 fast food chicken products

McDonald’s: The iconic McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are not 100% chicken. These products are full of yeast and dextrose, lemon juice solids, flours, artificial flavors, acid, and spices.

Wendy’s: The Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich is only 56% real chicken! The rest of the patty contains a generous portion of chicken powder, soybean oil, wheat flour, starch, acids, spices, and flavor powders. The patty is also watered down to cut costs.

Whataburger: Whataburger bulks up its chicken products with soy protein. Their chicken tenders contain up to 12% water, sodium phosphate, and isolated soy protein. Some people are allergic to soy protein, but many people allergic to soy do not know that chicken strips are partly a soy-based product.

Carl’s Jr: Surprisingly, the star shaped chicken nuggets served at Carl’s Jr. contain beef fat and beef flavor that is taken from three different types of protein: hydrolyzed soy, wheat, and corn protein. Just as strange, the Carl’s Jr. chicken sandwich contains a bun that is made from wood pulp (microcrystalline cellulose). Their spicy chicken sandwich suspiciously contains “isolated oat product.”

Subway: Subway has faced criticism in the past. In some countries, the corporation offers bread made with yoga mat chemicals (azodicarbonamide). Subway isn’t the only fast-food chain to use this chemical. Today, Subway serves oven roasted chicken” that is nothing close to 100 percent white meat chicken, as they claim. Their chicken product contains various flavorings, potato starch, and a thickening chemical that is void of nutrition and unfit for consumption – carrageenan.

Jack in the Box: Jack in the Box serves a chicken product that is diluted with oats, water, rib meat, and potato starch, among other ingredients that dilute the nutritional quality of real meat.

Burger King: At Burger King, they offer chicken nuggets full of autolyzed yeast extract. This chemical is unsuitable for anyone who cannot eat eggs, milk, wheat, gluten, or celery. These nuggets contain flavor enhancers that are designed to addict the consumer to the food. These flavor enhancers include disodium guanylate.

Arby’s: Arby’s uses a unique filler in their buttermilk chicken fillet. They bulk up the fillets with protein concentrates that are typically used by athletes and bodybuilders. These chicken fillets are full of whey protein, which gives the product more texture and taste.

Culver’s: The Culver’s original chicken tenders are far from real meat. They contain a bunch of water and starch and a special chemical (sodium tripolyphosphate) to help the product retain moisture during cooking.

White Castle: The White Castle chicken rings are full of carrageenan and powdered cooked chicken.

Domino’s: The chicken on a Domino’s pizza is full of lipolyzed butter oil and thickening agents like modified food starch and modified corn starch. These are used to make the food last longer on the shelf and to stabilize it.

Dairy Queen: At Dairy Queen, they offer chicken strips that are watered down with a solution that consists of 18% water, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, and sodium phosphates which are used to improve the product’s texture and make it last longer.

Most people don’t realize that real organic meat is slowly being restricted and made less accessible in diets around the world. As real, organic meat is restricted across human diets and replaced with chemicals and fillers, it will only deepen the malnutrition crisis throughout the global population. 

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