EPIC! WATCH: El Salvador President Orders Destruction of MS-13 Graves in His Crack Down on Cartels – Ben Bergquam Reports From The Scene

RAV reporter Ben Bergquam

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has begun the destruction of MS-13 graves to show that the criminal cartels are not welcome in his country.

This is what El Salvador is doing as Joe Biden and the Democrats roll out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants, criminals, rapists, and murderers.

Ben Bergquam reported on the ground from El Salvador at the Santa Tecla Cemetery, where he exposed the evil MS-13’s infiltration of the “entire country.”

Bergquam is America’s most outstanding investigative reporter covering the drugs and humans smuggled by China and the Cartels in Central America.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, El Salvador is cracking down on MS-13 under President Nayib Bukele. Bukele also created a super prison that will house 40,000 people, and he has already locked up thousands of gang members.

Last year Bukele pointed out the elephant in the room — Joe Biden and his handlers are destroying America, and it is likely on purpose. Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas’s criminal negligence on the US border has empowered gangs to obtain unprecedented money and power. Other nations are feeling the effects of a weak United States.

President Bukele has taken it into his own hands to protect his people and fight the cartels that America’s open border and open invite have empowered.

Watch below from Ben Bergquam:

Bregquam: We’re starting the day today at a cemetery where President Bukele went in and had the gravestones that used to celebrate MS-13 destroyed.

Resident: These guys make up parties in this place with various alcohol, drugs, sex and close this place only for them for days.

Bregquam: So the gang would come in here, they’d take over the cemetery and they’d have parties with drugs, sex, and shut it off to the other families that wanted to come visit their lost loved ones?

Resident: Yes. Only for a commemoration to your gang. Celebration to death, to evil. Horrible.

Bregquam: The MS-13 gang were so despicable. They actually came up here. This is a grave. This is where the children are buried, infants, babies, young children and they actually came and tried to hide one of their grave markers here but I mean it’s hard to hide when it’s the exact same material used on all the other ones, the ceramic material here. But, the guys in charge, President Bukele came in and said, “you’re not doing it here either,” but this just shows you the level of evil these guys operate in. What’s ironic though, this is the first one we’ve seen where they brought flowers back to put on there so clearly, some family members come back here, but they tell us that they typically come in hiding so that they’re not seen because what’s expected or what’s thought is most of the people that were associated with this person, were also involved in the crimes as well. So, it’s not just the criminal that was buried here. It’s the extended family a lot of times; their friends, their networks that were all involved with it. It’s a much bigger problem than that. But this is just a symbol. Bukele did a symbol of destroying the gangs that had destroyed this country for so long.

Bregquam: What’s even worse is he was telling us that when they were up here, the gang would come up and visit the grave markers, and they would have children stand out here as lookouts. And if other families came up to visit the children that were buried up here, they would actually extort them to even go visit their family member. Imagine being a mom or dad, your child died and they’re buried here and you come to visit your child and some scumbag gang member extort you for money to even go visit your kid. That’s why President Bukele has over 90% support because the people in this country were so sick of it. And the sad thing is MS-13 is actually larger in America now than it is in El Salvador. This is because we’ve allowed this to grow. We’ve allowed this lawlessness to grow in America, the cartels, the gangs and really just this attack on law enforcement and the citizens of this country. It’s really just pure evil.

On the first couple we saw, they actually destroyed the entire grave. On some of these back ones they just destroyed the headstones that had the celebration of MS-13. The main thing was to get rid of that so that nothing celebrated MS-13. You can tell on these how evil they are. It’s just dark. you’re in the cemetery with crosses, and then you’ve got just these dark representations. In some ways, it’s good that you can see what they actually look like. They just feel evil which is what they were.

“dark,” “evil” cartel graves

Bregquam: Think about that. MS-13 infiltrated the entire country to the point where even dead didn’t have rest, and the stories he was telling us about the families that would come to visit their loved ones; if they if they saw in his 13 gang members coming, if they went ran away, they’d chase them down and say why are you running? If they stayed, they’d rob them, or they’d say, why are you looking at me? I mean, it was just like everywhere you went, they lived in hiding, and we were just talking to Francisco. He said his son was so afraid, he would never go outside during that time. And now he has a hard time getting his son to go outside because he still lives with that fear. I mean, that’s the reality of what was down here before President Bukele, and everyone we talked to, everyone without fail, is happier now than they were under that. And I mean, it’s not even close. It’s like going from hell into a really nice place.

By Jordan Conradson

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