Death Toll Rises As Ukraine Ramps Up Attacks On Russian Border Towns

Casualties have risen after intense shelling of a Russian village in the Bryansk region near the Ukrainian border, an attack which happened Saturday, with emergency responders initially citing two killed. 

The casualty count as been revised as rescuers comb through rubble of a residential building. Four civilians have died and another two wounded "as a result of the actions by Ukrainian nationalists," governor Aleksandr Bogomaz announced Sunday.

Authorities declared a state of emergency in the village of Suzemka, where the strike took place. It lies a mere 10km from Ukraine.

The governor further said the wave of Ukrainian strikes hit a residential area, according to CNN

Unverified video posted on Bogomaz’s Telegram channel shows people emerging from a damaged building at night.

A person can be heard on the video saying, "They pulled a woman out. They’re still checking for a kid. Not sure. Horrible."

Attacks, including with drones, on Russian territory have increased of late as Ukrainian forces are reportedly preparing for a spring counteroffensive. 

The biggest weekend attack was deep inside Crimea. Multiple drones hit a fuel depot early Saturday, unleashing a huge multiple-hours long blaze which could be seen for miles.


It appeared a retaliation strike in response to Friday's major Russian cruise missile and drone attacks against several Ukrainian cities, particularly in the central part of the country.

Additionally, international reports indicate over the weekend cited Moscow-installed officials in eastern Ukraine who said "Ukrainian shelling had killed nine people, including an eight-year-old girl in the city of Donetsk."

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