Brighteon Broadcast News, May 11, 2023 - Growing food is the real insurrection against tyranny

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 5:03 Headlines
  • 30:49 Interview with Jim Gale
  • 1:15:08 Interview with Todd Coconato

- Climate lunatics in the Biden regime now going after DISHWASHER appliances

- Climate tyrants want Americans to live with NO stoves, NO hot water, NO flushing toilets, NO cars and NO dishwashers

- Fast food chains found to be using bizarre FILLERS in their chicken nugget menu items

- Biden reluctantly brings back Trump rule to slow the mass asylum rush on the US border

- Biden family crime cartel took $10 million in bribes to peddle influence

- AI chatbot to replace human workers at fast food drive through restaurants

- Ex VP of Pfizer reveals covid vaccines were a DELIBERATE operation to MAIM and KILL billions worldwide

- JD Rucker warns that the collapse of society is accelerating

- Full interview with Jim Gale, inspiring others to grow sustainable, regenerative food forests

- Intead of mutilating childrens' genitals, why don't we teach them to grow food?

- Interview with Pastor Todd Coconato, who warns about the fall of the Church and the rise of demonic influence across America.


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