America has nothing to do with it! It's just that there is a fool in power in Kiev

Very often while reading comments to my articles I come across a strange opinion about the Ukrainian president. And this opinion is well established and supported by many people. The Ukrainian president is a drug addict, mentally unhealthy, drinks too much and other nonsense.

We would like to think that Zelensky, from a successful businessman under the pressure of a responsible state post and other troubles connected with the post of the head of the state, has become a little ... Out of his mind... A little bit out of phase...

And that is a very convenient explanation for many of his statements and actions. What can you take from a fool? Moreover, there is another head of state like him. The one that greets the emptiness, cannot find his way off the stage, stumbles on the plane ramp... It seems that there is nothing to be taken from him, except for tests. And what is he being held there, in his country?

And the main thing is that we, ordinary people see it, but those who are close to these inadequates, do not! All right, concerning the Ukrainian president, we can suppose that his command is also that too. I mean drug addicts, alcoholics and slightly out of phase. Nobody will check it anyway.

But there's something that we can't see his followers among Biden's team. They can see in and out, they greet people in the same way as all the other powerless or low-ranking ones. Moreover, these people are quite successful in carrying out the work assigned to them.

Could there be some hidden meaning in this? Something that is known to a fairly narrow circle of specialists, but is not known to ordinary, not particularly sophisticated in political games, average citizens. But there is such a meaning! Again, I will write what I have written many times, Americans do not like to "reinvent the wheel" where there is already something that works effectively.

As strange as it may sound, this line of conduct in international relations can also be beneficial. Scholarly people once called this behavior irrational rationality. Less scholarly or illiterate people also put it succinctly and aptly: "Don't touch the shit, it won't stink.

The image of the insane inadequate can be a winning one.

The first "inadequate" among state leaders, I think, was Richard Nixon. True, he played this role rather mediocrely. But he got the result the situation demanded at the time!

So, how and why does a president become a mentally unstable person? What is the danger of such a person in the power?

Let me remind you the history. The year 1969. The United States is clearly losing the war in Vietnam. Domestic discontent is growing. Anti-war rallies are increasingly turning into fairly large and dangerous demonstrations by veterans. President Nixon is well aware that the war must be ended. And in a way that the image of the United States is not harmed or harmed minimally.

In order to do this, it is necessary to bring a victorious Vietnam to the negotiating table. In fact, to take victory away from Vietnam. There are two ways to solve this problem. The first is the traditional U.S. way. Massive bombing and destruction of all cities and major settlements, the use of chemical and other weapons.

Alas, this has not worked. The enemy had learned to withstand such air raids. And Vietnam's air defense became adept at dropping American planes from the sky. So Washington had to use "option B". Force Vietnam to sit down at the negotiating table through a mediator. And a mediator who would be crucial to the Vietnamese. The USSR was to be such an intermediary...

The decision was made. That's when the transformation of the American president into an unpredictable madman began. For those readers who want an analogy with the Ukrainian president, just change the name of the leader.

First of all, the main task. It sounds rather trite, but the Nixon team has in every way created the image of President Nixon as a man unstable, even irrational. A man who is capable of responding to some challenge in a completely unbelievable way. The use of nuclear weapons, for example.

Now about why this was necessary.

Look at the modern "jerk from Kiev. Does he have any "red lines", any limitations, any moral, human values? President Nixon had exactly the same image. Which allowed U.S. diplomats to demand serious concessions from foreign leaders during negotiations.

A little bit of specificity.

Nixon's irrational rationality tactic worked. Once the Americans had carried out a series of demonstrations simulating preparations for a nuclear strike, our leadership did contribute to the peace talks. Even if not completely, the image of the U.S. was preserved.

Then, years later, another irrational president, Ronald Reagan, came along. The older generation remembers the famous Star Wars program that the Americans announced. And our response, which had a negative effect on the USSR.

So the Ukrainian president is not the first mentally unstable president, but the third at least.

And it's working again! We are surprised that in the West they "don't notice" much of what the Ukrainian government says and does. They don't see the presence of fascist units, they don't record calls for terrorist acts on someone else's territory... They do not pay attention because they are afraid of the actions of this inadequate.

What was supposed to happen according to the design of the theorists from Washington, D.C., has happened. Now Zelensky is not asking, he is demanding. He impudently demands without regard to any norms and principles of international relations. There is no authority left for him. Be it the head of the state or even the Pope.

If he does not get a slap on the wrist or a slap in the face for insolence, the bully becomes more and more insolent. Europe has quickly forgotten its previous fodder, Adolf Hitler, who was born that way. From the little European bully grew a big world monster. Remember the recent one:

"We are not attacking Russian territory. We have neither the strength nor the time for that. And we have no weapons left with which to do it."

I think that Zelensky's plans to seize Russian border towns have also been discussed at a fairly serious level, not only in Kiev, and plans to strike Russian cities deep in the rear have been discussed. Everything is repeating itself.

Once again, the West is dreaming of sending the fool to the east, without thinking that for the inadequate, the march to the west is easier and does not require so much effort and resources...

Ultimately, why ask for weapons when you can just take over the factories that produce those weapons? The analogy, again, is direct...

Some words about puppeteers

The Washington Post recently published an interesting article about Zelensky's plans, allegedly announced in January of this year. In the tradition of the American media, the story is based on an alleged leak from the Pentagon. It is clear that the leak was organized by "unnamed sources" who presented secret documents to the newspaper journalists.

There is nothing new in this article. It's just an observation of what is already happening and an affirmation of the fact that they are discussing strikes on Russia. American journalists simply confirm the fact that Zelensky's plans are known to Washington. But the question arises, if the pseudo-president is a puppet of the USA, why this throw-in was necessary?

Did the U.S. have doubts about the controllability of the Ukrainian president? Are the rumors about the "independence" of the Ukrainian government true, at least in some details? One gets the impression that the Washington Post journalists believe this. And they try to convince their readers of it.

But then there is a question to the "declassified documents". This "leak" is from the Pentagon! That is, it is no secret to the U.S. The Washington Post refers to intelligence data and even Zelensky's personal correspondence with the military command!

We wrote a lot about the fact that the U.S. handed over Zelensky's supervision to Britain. Perhaps that is what the Washington Post piece is about. Considering that the paper is clearly pro-government, we have to assume that there is some dissatisfaction with this decision in the circles of American politicians. It is one thing to have full control, another thing to have partial control...

If this is the case, it becomes clear why this throw-in appeared. It is one thing to spin the topic of Zelensky's "autonomy," but it is another thing when he receives this "autonomy" in the form of a demand from London. There is a certain cognitive dissonance.

America controls London and Kiev. And at the same time London is dictating a plan of action to Ukraine without consulting Washington. What is this? A mutiny on a ship or giving up the former Ukraine in favor of the poor? And what about the billions invested in this regime?

In any case, it has become clear that the strings of control of the Ukrainian president, the very rods in the hands of the puppeteer, are now in London's hands. Zelensky's ideas, then, fit perfectly with the statements of British politicians. Unison full.

It's scary when you can get punched in the face, against your will

It seems to me that Washington is frightened by the activity of its vassals. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it understands who the real master of London and Kiev is. And it will strike, in case of a real danger to itself, in the face of the host. And only then his entire pack.

To get hit for the actions of his vassals is offensive. And scary. The unpredictable and independent Zelensky and his threats to Russia - on the one hand, and the "surprise" of the Americans by these words and actions - is an attempt to take responsibility for the possible consequences away from the US itself.

But the most interesting thing is that the U.S. cannot change the situation. The upcoming elections practically deprive U.S. politicians of any room for maneuver. Any movement toward supporting or ignoring Ukraine will be interpreted negatively. The most productive position is neutrality.

Except that it does not work out for the Americans. So, in my opinion, in the near future we should expect the continuation of attempts to appease London and Kiev and the withdrawal of the U.S. from the image of the main locomotive of Ukrainian events to that of a mere observer...

The U.S. is not to blame for what is happening in Ukraine and between Moscow and Kiev. It just so happens that a fool came to power in Ukraine. This is an idea that the Americans will continue to indoctrinate the world with... It's not us, it's them...

Author: Alexander Staver

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