Xi Jinping Hires 87,000 Agriculture Police Officers And They Are Coming For Chinese Farmers

The globalist war on farming has taken a sinister turn, as Chinese President Xi Jinping announces the creation of World Economic Forum-approved branch of agriculture police to strictly control the food supply.

The Chinese crackdown on farmers is a chilling indication of the future of the world if the globalist World Economic Forum is allowed to continue dictating polices to Western governments. Xi Jinping is a WEF Agenda Contributer and the Klaus Schwab has gone on record praising the Chinese authoritarian system as a model for others to follow.

According to China’s Ministry of Agriculture video, the job of agricultural management officers is to stabilize grain supply as part of a nationwide and comprehensive food security policy in 2023, which comes as Beijing revamps a Mao-era system of food distribution that in line with World Economic Forum policies designed to strictly control the food supply.

Agriculture police will also concern themselves with which seeds, pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed and agricultural machinery are used by farmers, as well as enforcing animal and plant quarantine and disease prevention measures, and managing fisheries in China’s lakes and rivers, it said.

Current affairs commentator Zhang Jianping, who grew up in the countryside, said local agricultural officials were notorious during the Mao era for micro-managing every aspect of people’s lives.

“They would clamp down on any farmer who planted a few vegetables or kept chickens,” Zhang said. “Now it seems from reports in various places as if they’re up to their old tricks again, oppressing ordinary people.”

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has praised China as a model for the transformation of the world during an appearance on Chinese television. Watch:


(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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