World’s Top Pathologist Warns Hundreds of Millions of Jabbed Are Getting Cancer and Becoming Infertile

One of the world’s most senior pathologist’s has warned that hundreds of millions of people around the world are becoming infertile and developing cancers as a result of the mRNA jabs they have received.

According to an Dr. Ryan Cole, an Idaho pathologist, Covid injections’ toxic lipid nanoparticles and mRNA induce the body to make fatal spike proteins, which then distribute themselves throughout the entire body increasing the risk of inflammation, blood clots and fibrous blood clots.

But it gets even worse. According to Dr. Cole, the experimental jabs are also causing cancer and infertility. reports: Dr. Cole’s concern is we’re still seeing a big public push for an injection that’s still experimental and has side effects. “We’re pushing something that can cause more harm than good,” he said.

Regulatory Agencies and Big Pharma

All scientists agree – when you censor the ones who don’t. There are financial interests, there is a cosiness between regulatory agencies and big pharmaceutical companies. 

It was fascinating that Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla in the Washington Post interview said to his scientists: Why are we doing mRNA? We’ve only been working on this for two and a half years. “So, he had questions and his scientists just said: ‘Well, it’s because we’re doing this and that’s our plan’,” Dr. Cole noted.

“It was also interesting that Moderna hadn’t successfully brought an mRNA product to the human market prior to this [Covid vaccine]. Their animal studies with different toxicities and different autoimmune effects etc. with mRNA technologies didn’t work either.”

It raises many questions not least of all: Why did we treat these products as though they were “vaccines” when they’re indeed an injection of a gene sequence?

Dr. Cole is seeing some adverse effects that are highly concerning. “Not only for now but the immune modulation that we’re seeing going forward has me concerned as well,” he said.

“I’m pointing out the harms of the spike protein, the harms of these gene-based injections. The lipid nanoparticle in and of itself is toxic. And here’s probably even a graver concern I have … the human body cells weren’t made to make foreign proteins … The human cell is made to make human proteins. To make a human cell make a protein from an infectious agent – and especially make a protein which has known cytotoxicity, cellular toxicity, human body toxicity – that’s a big scientific concern.”

The lipid nanoparticle, which envelopes the selected genetic material, goes anywhere and everywhere in the body. It was originally designed for carrying chemotherapeutic agents across the blood-brain barrier and for carrying genes for rare genetic conditions. “So, the lipid nanoparticle going everywhere is a dangerous construct in the sense you can’t control where it goes,” Dr. Cole explained.  “The lipid nanoparticle goes everywhere, it can land anywhere in the human body any organ, bone, bone marrow, spleen, brain, heart etc.”

Spike Protein Under the Microscope

 By placing samples of tissue which have been stained to specifically identify certain proteins, it is possible to see spike protein induced by Covid “vaccines.”  And depending on which stain is used, it is possible to determine, in body tissue samples, whether the spike protein came from the virus or was induced by Covid injections. 

Before we look at the images Dr. Cole shared, it may be worth familiarising ourselves with the structure of a coronavirus to help us understand the terminology.

The nucleocapsid (“N protein”) is made up of a protein shell and contains the viral RNA, it is the most abundant protein in coronavirus.

Below is an image of spike protein in the heart muscle (left-hand side image) that Dr. Cole shared.  The brown colour is spike protein that has been stained with a specific stain to detect spike protein.  The right-hand side image shows the N protein of the virus stained blue with a different stain to detect the N protein.  If spike protein is from the virus, both stains would appear, i.e., the image will show both brown and blue dots. So, if the spike protein shown in the left image was from the virus, then the blue stain would also appear in the image – but it does not.  The image on the left is, therefore, spike proteins that have been induced by the “vaccine.”

Spike Protein Causes Cancer

After the rollout of the Covid injection en masse to the population, there has been a significant increase in new-onset cancers, particularly in young people, and a resurgence of cancers that had been deemed in remission. 

The spike protein binds to a gene in our bodies that’s known as the guardian of the genome: the P53 tumour suppressor gene, Dr. Cole explained.  “It also binds to a breast cancer gene and an ovarian cancer gene.”  The spike protein binding to these receptors allows tumours to grow unimpeded.

“There’s an uptick of some unusual cancers that I’ve been seeing … This should at least open the door to other pathologists and universities to say ‘well, we should maybe go back and look at some of these unusual fast-spreading cancers in young patients that we normally don’t see’,” said Dr. Cole.

“There’s at least a dozen mechanisms that the spike can induce in those cancer pathways …  One way is that micro clotting can cause the “choking off” of tissues [as] cancers like an oxygen-depleted environment.”

Sike Protein Causes Blood Clots

We have embedded Dr. Cole’s interview below to begin at timestamp 40:40 where Dr. Cole talks specifically about “the clots.” If you want to hear the full interview, including that detailed above, then start the video from the beginning.

The spike protein on its own is toxic.  It is the spike protein that caused clots in those who contracted Covid.  The Covid “vaccine” induces the recipients’ cells to manufacture the toxic spike proteins that are known to cause blood clots and there is no “off switch.”  With the virus, the body will eliminate it but with the mRNA “vaccine” the body has been given the genetic instruction to make these toxic spike proteins in every organ in the body – at this stage it’s not known for how long but possibly in perpetuity.  In essence, a vaccinated person has become a spike protein factory producing spike protein in various parts of the body.

Dr. Cole clarified that the viral vector “vaccines” such as Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are adenoviral vector injections which contain complementary DNA (“cDNA”) and not mRNA.  Because of that, recipients of those “vaccines” produce a higher amount of spike protein but for a set amount of time, Dr. Cole explained. “We know from the 1980s/90s that gene-based studies with adenoviral vector [vaccines] caused a lot of clotting … but you don’t get the replication for the same period of time [as] with the mRNA vaccine.”

The spike protein attaches to the ACE2 receptors.  ACE2 receptors are abundant in the endothelium of blood vessels.  There is also the CD147 receptor which is on the surface of red and white blood cells and endothelium platelets.  The spike protein preferentially binds to the CD147 receptor, Dr. Cole explained.  The lipid nanoparticle, and the spike protein, will follow the small capillaries and leak into whatever tissue the capillary is surrounded by.

Some medications displace the spike protein from these receptors, Dr. Cole said, such as the “one that shall not be named” – presumably due to the risk of censorship.

The top picture in the image below shows the autopsy tissue of the aorta, the biggest blood vessel in the body coming from the heart.  Below that, with all the dots, is what inflammation looks like under the microscope.  To the right is an image showing the spike protein “literally causing the lymphocytes [white blood cells] to chew a hole in the aorta,” Dr. Cole explained.  When the aorta ruptures, it causes death within minutes – sudden death.

As an example of how prolific the spike protein can become once it gets into a tissue, Dr. Cole showed an image of a sample taken from the spleen.  The big circle in the image below is an artery.  All the brown dots are spike protein.

The clots in the image below are from living patients.  So, these thick fibrous clots, in the process of forming, are being found in living patients as well as being found by embalmers.  The image in the middle is a blood sample taken from a patient in Germany who had been injected with three Covid “vaccine” doses.  After the sample was taken it began to form fibrils.  So, the researchers “spun it down” and the clump in the image on the right came out.  The clump is made of the same components as the fibrous clots.

The fibrous clots are made up of fibre, reticulin, amino acids, mixed sugars and glycoprotein, Dr. Cole said.  It does have other elements which are usually found in blood clots or typically found in blood, but these are the elements or components which make the fibrous clots unusual.

“More importantly, there’s a material that the body doesn’t break down very easily called amyloid … There are different types of amyloid but the problem is the body doesn’t easily break down amyloid.  Our body can break down fibrin and clots … however, this type of proteinaceous material doesn’t get broken down easily by the body.

“I don’t want to scare everybody and say: ‘Gosh, everybody that has [ ] the shot is going to have this’. No, no. The good news is most people are fine.

“[In the fibrous clots] there are unusual amounts of collected proteins.   There are unusual combinations of proteins that make these very difficult for the body to dissolve.”

And there is spike protein, a lot of it.  There is so much spike protein binding to the ACE2 and CD147 receptors that it induces inflammatory, cytokine and clotting reactions.  “Micro clotting … is the principal thing we need to address in medicine,” Dr. Cole said.

Some autopsies show that the amyloid found in the clots is also being deposited between tissues and organs, Dr. Cole said.

Persistence of the Spike Protein

Regulatory agencies were publicising that the mRNA in Covid injections would break down and so the injections are “safe.”

Our body normally breaks down RNA in a couple of hours, or a day or two, depending on what protein our body is trying to make for our normal bodily function, said Dr. Cole.  “However, when you put a synthetic molecule in these little beads of pearls, these nucleotides, it doesn’t break down.” 

This is proved in the study: Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal centre response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination, Cell, 24 January 2022.  The study showed that at 8 weeks after vaccination the mRNA was still present and 8 weeks later vaccine-induced spike protein was still being produced in the lymph nodes.  Although, the amount of spike protein being produced was reducing over time. “Which is a good sign,” said Dr. Cole.  It’s important to note that this study stopped at 60 days so they could go to publication. “What happened at 90 days and 120 days?” Dr. Cole asked.

“Some of the autopsy series I’ve looked at with my colleagues in Germany show that spike protein being deposited in high amounts 120 plus days after the patient’s last injection [and] prior to their demise.

“In science – that precautionary principle, what’s the risk-benefit – are we doing something, do we know the long-term outcomes? We need to be studying these things in science.”

Robust, vigorous debate is the cornerstone of science and medicine but censorship and derision of those who are trying to follow good science and practices have prevented doctors and scientists from letting the public at large know about the risks of the Covid injection and their other concerns. And as Dr. Cole said towards the start of his interview, “all scientists agree – when you censor the ones who don’t.”

Decrease in Birth Rates and Increases in Fertility Problems

Biodistribution studies from Japan that were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed that the lipid nanoparticle goes anywhere and everywhere in the body. It hones in on fatty tissues.  “The ovary has a lot of lipid in the cells. In those studies, the lipid nanoparticle was concentrating in the ovary at higher rates than in other parts of the body,” Dr. Cole said.

“The accumulation in the female was a lot higher in a lot of the organs than in the male.  We know that in male sperm, the spike protein post-vaccine study out of Israel showed a decrease in sperm count as well as decrease in sperm motility for six months. 

“In the female body, the fallopian tube, the ovaries, the eggs themselves … are replete with ACE2 receptors. That spike protein [that your body is making post-vaccine] will hone to that ACE2 receptor … and wherever that spike lands, it is an inflammation-inducing protein, and so inflammation in the ovary can number one, kill off eggs and number two, inhibit the ability for that egg to be robust in terms of implantation, in terms of getting to full ovulation and or release.”

Here’s another sad thing. Dr. Cole has been receiving placentas from obstetric colleagues around the USA. “These placentas are the wrong size for the gestational age. These placentas are calcified. These placentas have spike protein in them. These placentas have antibodies in them. These placentas have induced excess inflammation in them,” he said.

Could Regulatory Agencies Have Warned the Public?

For at least two to four months post-vaccination the mRNA is in vaccinees bodies. Spike protein is being manufactured in vaccinees bodies for at least two to four months.  Spike proteins cause inflammation of the blood vessels and the lipid nanoparticles are toxic.  Did regulatory bodies know these things before embarking on mass Covid injection campaigns?

“If you add up the history of lipid nanoparticles and look at the toxicity of that – they knew. If you look at the failure of mRNA products prior to this – they knew. There’s a long history and just putting the pieces of science together,” Dr. Cole said, “I can take all the published literature and say: ‘Here’s how we knew it was a bad idea … This is how science is done – you make observations, you obviously hypothesise things as well test try, either succeed or fail, go back to the bench and try it again.”

In this interview, Dr. Cole covered aspects of blood clotting but there are many mechanisms of harm of the spike protein, he said.

“But these things were known well before these products were put together and now we’re seeing, unfortunately … what we’re seeing, scientifically in the laboratory now, [is] the risk-benefit ratio is all on the risk side.

“If you got one shot, I’m not criticising you, don’t get another. If you got two, don’t get a third. If you’ve got three, don’t get a fourth.”

Not only have governments, regulatory agencies and health professionals not given informed consent we were told falsehoods.  We were told the injections would stay in the deltoid muscle when they knew that was not the case.  We were told it would be eliminated from our bodies very quickly, within a matter of days, but they have always known that’s not true.  We were told the foreign genetic material couldn’t be incorporated into our DNA but there are some compelling in vitro studies that show that it is reverse-transcribed into cells.

(Article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai republished from

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