Woke Protesters Destroy Bible While Disrupting Conservative Speaker at College Campus in New York – Perform Multiple Bizarre Stunts in Middle of Speech (VIDEO)

Woke Protesters Destroy Bible While Disrupting Conservative Speaker at College Campus in New York

The day a conservative is able to get through a speech at a far-left university of indoctrinated communists without incident will be its own headline.

Conservative pundit Ian Haworth was at The State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany) to give a speech titled “Free speech on Campus” stressing the importance of free speech on college campuses. As The Daily Mail reported, the premise of Haworth’s talk was about how the left is destroying the First Amendment on campus.

Right before Haworth began, leftist students set out to prove his point. They shouted multiple profanities at him and Turning Point USA, which was sponsoring Haworth’s speech.


During the heckler’s veto, Haworth noted that while the students were chanting, “No cops, no KKK, no TPUSA!” They were thrilled to eat the pizza provided by…TPUSA!

Haworth described this as “the most socialist thing” he had ever seen.

Then something even more bizarre happened. In the middle of the disruption, some of the woke protesters decided to form a conga line, which is a traditional Cuban carnival dance.

Isn’t the left constantly lecturing conservatives on “cultural appropriation.” The irony here is quite thick.

Then the students removed their Crocs and performed this stunt to eventually take over the room.

Finally, Haworth revealed that protesters had destroyed a Bible “for no reason whatsoever” while shouting him down.

Fox News reported that thanks to the disruption, Haworth’s speech was eventually moved to another venue.

Haworth provides this statement to Fox News:

The protesters who stormed the Turning Point USA event on free speech at University at Albany proved my point: college campuses are where free speech goes to die. The protesters disrupted the event, abusing and insulting the TPUSA chapter, college staff, law enforcement and their fellow students, with one goal: to shut down speech.

While I fully support their right to protest (even if their accusations of me being an infamous Jewish immigrant transphobic misogynistic KKK member are laughably inaccurate), the heckler’s veto is not free speech…and neither is destroying the property of TPUSA members!

This unfortunate event proves the threat conservatives face every day on campus, and reinforces the truth that colleges have a duty to allow free speech and debate to flourish on campus.

(Article by Cullen Linebarger republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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