'Why Aren't Black Celebrities Talking About That?' - Bill Maher Asks Why Black People Are Killing Each Other In Cities Like Chicago

HBO host Bill Maher has done it again, asking the third rail questions and saying the quiet part out loud.

The comedian and self-professed liberal said blasted Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson during his most recent show, saying that Johnson was "excusing horrific behavior" in a speech he delivered following several shootings in Chicagoland last week.

Maher talked about crime with Brown University economist Glenn Loury and international relations scholar Daniel Bessner in the context of Chicago electing a soft-on-crime mayor and shoplifting in New York City.

"Most of the shootings [in Chicago] are young black men killing other young black men. Is that not correct?" Maher asked.

"Yeah that's correct," guest Glenn Loury responded.

"Okay, much more than what the cops do. Why doesn't anybody talk about that? Why aren't there a hundred giant black celebrities who would have the respect of those people saying what are you doing to yourselves? Why are you killing each other?" Maher asked.

Loury, a black Chicago native and longtime commentator on racial issues, advocated for tougher prosecution and enabling cops to do their jobs.

"...it’s no way to live, this dishonors our community, come on, we’re better than this," Loury said.

Bessner disagreed and said material wealth redistribution would be needed to reduce incarceration rates without condoning individual criminal behavior.

Maher responded to Bessner's claims that giving people more money would reduce crime

"One in three children in America can not read at a basic level of comprehension. 85% of black students lack proficiency in reading skills. We already spent a lot of money on schools. So are you going to keep telling me that more money will fix this because I feel like this is much more connected to the problems of people who can't read. Yes, they're going to have problems with gainful employment and it seems like, you know, a lot of times the solutions that come from the left seem symbolic. They don't seem like we're addressing what really needs to be done which is get kids learning, get them reading, get them to have a job," Maher said.

"It doesn't seem like the money is getting to this problem if 85% of black students lack proficiency in reading skills," he said.

Watch the full discussion below:

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