What a Joke: Now Ousted Chicago Mayor Lightfoot “Cares” About Victims of Crime, Tells Panel Democrats Need to “Speak the Truth About Violent Crime in Our Cities” After Letting Her City Burn for Years

African American Mayors Association Conference April 2023

For four years, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot let her city burn with rampant crime and violence.

Earlier this month, she was ousted in favor of radical socialist Brandon Johnson whose woke rhetoric on crime suggests Chicago is doomed.  Chicago voters may have had enough of Lightfoot, but they doubled down on the progressive soft approach on crime.

Johnson blames everyone for violence in the city, even big business, except the criminals.

And now, suddenly, Lightfoot claims to care about the victims of the violence she let ignored.

On Friday, Lightfoot spoke to the African American Mayors Association Conference in Washington, D.C. for a fireside chat alongside Mayor Eric Adams (New York, NY), Mayor Karen Bass (Los Angeles, CA) and Mayor Sylvester Turner (Houston, TX.)

This absolute failure of a leader had the gall to “call out” fellow Democrats on the exploding crime in their cities.

“As Democrats, if we do not speak the truth about violent crime in our cities, we will be the worse for it,” Lightfoot said.

“I come to this conversation as a former federal prosecutor. I come to this as a former defense attorney, I am the sister of a returning resident. But I know that there are people in my city that are wreaking havoc every day and need to be off the street. That’s reality.”

“What do we say to, not only the victims of crimes, but the people who are terrified about crimes in their neighborhood, most of whom look like us, if we say, yay,  the police department is spending all this time and resources to arrest, put a case on and then the  judges and the prosecutors say, you know, we are going to let you out on electronic monitoring to wreak havoc again.”

“Is somebody sees….musters the courage, to come forward and identify the person who just shot up their neighborhood and then sees Pookie walking, bold as day, back on the street, two days later, what does that say to them? You’re telling them that the criminal justice system doesn’t care about victims and witnesses.”

“And if we don’t call that out, every single day with these prosecutors and with these judges, many of whom don’t live in our city and don’t care about what’s happening, then we are going to lose an opportunity to advocate for the victims and the witnesses and the residents who just want and deserve peace. We gotta say it, we gotta say it.”

The segment beings at 59:11.

Retired Chicago police lieutenant John Garrido joined Fox & Friends Weekend and slammed Lightfoot’s magical pivot.

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