WATCH: AZ State Senator Anthony Kern SLAMS Gun Grabbing Democrats and Joe Biden Following Deadly Nashville School Shooting By “Confused” Transgender, Calls to Bring Back God in Schools

WATCH: AZ State Senator Anthony Kern SLAMS Gun Grabbing Democrats and Joe Biden Following Deadly Nashville School Shooting By “Confused” Transgender, Calls to Bring Back God in Schools

Trump-Endorsed Arizona State Senator Anthony Kern last Tuesday gave a speech on the Arizona Senate floor slamming the Democrats, anti-gun culture, and the abolition of God in schools after a transgender planned and executed a shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School last Monday.

Three young students and three teachers were murdered in the shooting.

State Senator Sonny Borrelli and Senate President Warren Petersen made similar comments, thanking the brave officers who stopped the shooter and calling for more school protection via armed School Resource Officers instead of leaving Americans vulnerable with more gun control.

This is not the response that Arizona’s leftist Democrats had. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Katie Hobbs’ press director at the time tweeted in response to this violence by a transgender murderer, seemingly threatening “transphobes” and calling for more violence from confused transgender individuals.

The leftwing terrorist resigned from her role with Katie Hobbs’ office the next morning after The Gateway Pundit reported on this story.

Democratic Legislators on the Senate Floor inappropriately used the opportunity following this deadly mass shooting by a manifesto toting leftist transgender to rail against the Second Amendment last Tuesday. Senator Raquel Teran started the conversation by blaming “violent massacres of America’s school children” on guns instead of sick, murderous people. She further accused Republicans of siding with gun lobbies and accepting the murder of children.

Senator Kern took a brave stance on this issue in response to the Democrats and called out the real problem: “We have become an amoral society.”

Watch below:

Kern: Just to give the other side of the discussion of what happened yesterday, this was an LGBTQ individual [who] identified as a man, a female identified as a man; confused, meticulously took maps made, details of entry and exit of the school, went after three nine-year-olds and three adults. Yes, we do hear a lot about mass shootings in our nation, and it is sad. But the reason why we hear about mass shootings is because we have taken God out of our schools. We have become an amoral society. If you look at the movies nowadays, it is nothing but crime and death and drugs, and it’s glorified. We live in a nation where evil is good, and good is evil, where churches now are being targeted. And we read about those kinds of school shootings also. We hear about parents being called terrorists. We hear about keeping secrets from parents in our education system because a child might be confused, and a little boy might want to play with a doll or a little girl might want to play with a semi-truck. And we got to keep that away from Johnny or Susie because that boy is really a girl, and that girl is really a boy, as is told these impressionable young kids, by teachers.

What do you expect? we never had this issue back in the 50s and in the 40s and the 30s. We didn’t have mass shootings. When we took God out of schools in 1962, I believe, that started that downhill slide of the America you see today. And folks, until we come to that realization, it is not guns that kill people, and I know the cameras are on, and I know the fake tears are being shed. But even look at our president yesterday, comes out talks about ice cream, how much ice cream he has in his refrigerator, while he’s going to give a news conference on three dead children and three dead adults by a confused person.

When you tell children they are nothing, when you tell children there is no God, when you take the 10 Commandments out of school, and there’s no accountability, and then Hollywood throws their perversion all over the place; when you tell little kids that, what do you expect, America? Again, this did not happen in the 1950s or 60s. It began, I believe, with the Columbine shooting, where Christians again were targeted. And so, until we become a moral nation again, you’re gonna see this because you can take away every gun in our country, and criminals, like the one you saw yesterday, the one who targets innocent civilians, they are going to find guns, period. And I want to stop with this: You have guns, two men with a gun each stopped many more from being killed. Yet, you have, on the left side of the aisle, very anti-police and anti-law and order. But yet, two men with two guns, armed individuals stopped more innocent children and more innocent adults from being killed. And frankly, again, until we become a moral nation again, you’re gonna see this. I believe in our Constitution, our founders knew what they were doing, and I support my Second Amendment. I will always support my second amendment. I am armed everywhere I go. Not only to protect me, but to protect those around me because an armed society is a protective society. And enough with the political garbage. Until we realize where we are at as a country, this is going to continue.

Via MAAP Real Talk Show on Rumble:

By Jordan Conradson

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