Warren Buffett Dumps Billions in Taiwanese Stock as Fears of Chinese Invasion Mount

Renowned American investor Warren Buffett has just dumped billions of dollars worth of stock for a Taiwanese chipmaker as fears mount that Communist China is preparing to invade the island nation.

The move comes as experts are increasingly warning that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is now imminent.

Buffett purchased a large stake in a Tawainese chipmaker.

However, he has just sold his stake, provoking speculation that the investment mogul knows an invasion is looming.

Buffett stated that a key reason for this swift turnaround was due to his concerns that China will invade the island nation.

Reuters reported this week:

Warren Buffett called geopolitical tensions “a consideration” in Berkshire Hathaway Inc’s (BRKa.N) decision to sell most of its stake in Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC (2330.TW) just a few months after buying it, Nikkei reported on Tuesday.

Berkshire had bought more than $4.1 billion of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co’s shares between July and September 2022, but in February said it had sold 86% of its stake by year-end.

The size of the investment suggested that Buffett, rather than one of his Berkshire portfolio managers, had bought the shares for Berkshire, and the sale was unexpected given the billionaire’s preference to invest for the long-term.

In an interview with Nikkei, Buffett described TSMC as a well-managed company, but said Berkshire had better places to deploy capital.

The Chinese Communist Party believes that Taiwan is part of China.

However, the island nation has never been under the rule of Communist China.

China would prefer a softer takeover of Taiwan, similar to what it had with Hong Kong.

The CCP entered into an agreement with the UK to take over Hong Kong in 1997.

But rather than wait the 50 years that was agreed with the UK, the CCP cut the timeframe in half.

By taking over the selection process of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive (President) and its top legislature, China began its conquest of Hong Kong.

Then the CCP used Covid policies to destroy individual rights and protests against China.

Now China’s eyes are on Taiwan.

China would prefer a puppet government aligned with the CCP to take over the island nation but is preparing for an invasion as well.

Over the past week, reports have emerged that China’s most recent military exercise is circling Taiwan.

It’s now being reported that China is getting very close to invading Taiwan.

Some experts believe this could happen in 2023.

(Article by Frank Bergman republished from SlayNews.com)

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