Serbia Secretly Agreed To Arm Ukraine, Leaked US Intel Report Suggests

 Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News,

A classified Pentagon document purports to show that self-professed neutral Serbia, which has deep ties with Russia, sent or agreed to send lethal aid to Kyiv...

Serbia Secretly Agreed To Arm Ukraine, Leaked US Intel Report Suggests

Serbia, a country that has publicly maintained its neutrality amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, has been secretly supplying Kyiv with weapons, or at least agreed to do so, according to a leaked U.S. intelligence document.

The document, which has been seen by the Reuters news agency, provided a summary of the responses by European governments to Kyiv’s request for weapons and military training.

A chart within the document showed that Serbia had agreed to send lethal aid to Ukraine, or had already supplied it; it also stated that Serbia had the political will and military ability to further arm Ukraine in the future.

“The document is marked Secret and NOFORN, prohibiting its distribution to foreign intelligence services and militaries. It is dated March 2, and embossed with the seal of the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” reported Reuters, which added it had been unable as of yet to verify the document’s authenticity.

The document “could be “could be the most serious leak of U.S. secrets in years,” Reuters added.

Serbia has remained publicly neutral in the ongoing conflict. It is the only European country not to adhere to Russian sanctions, and a country with deep historical, cultural, and economic ties with Russia.

Serbia’s Defense Minister Miloš Vučević has dismissed the leaked report as untrue and accused those leaking the document of attempting to drag Serbia into the war in Ukraine.

“Serbia did not, nor will it be selling weapons to the Ukrainian nor the Russian side, nor to countries surrounding that conflict,” Vučević said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Someone clearly wants to drag Serbia into that conflict, but we are diligently maintaining our policies,” he added.

The Serbian presidential office refused to comment on the leak, as did the Ukrainian embassy in Belgrade and the Pentagon.

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