Russia says U.S. government working on “universal” GMO bioweapon at Ukrainian biolabs that would cause MASS DEATH of humans, animals and crops

Russia says U.S. government working on “universal” GMO bioweapon at Ukrainian biolabs that would cause MASS DEATH of humans, animals and crops

A Russian parliamentary commission investigation has found that the United States is working on developing a “universal” genetically engineered bioweapon designed to inflict “nuclear winter”-style damage on a target.

Not content with the horrors it has already inflicted on the world, the U.S. wants to procure new technology that not only infects humans with a deadly bioweapon but also animals and agricultural crops.

“Its use involves, among other things, the goal of inflicting large-scale and irreparable economic damage on the enemy,” the commission wrote in its final report on the operation, which is currently underway in Ukraine at its various Pentagon-run biolabs.

“The covert and targeted use of such a weapon in anticipation of a positive inevitable direct military confrontation could create a significant advantage for U.S. forces over the adversary, even against those who possess other types of weapons of mass destruction,” the report adds.

“The possession of such highly effective biological weapons creates, in the view of the U.S. military, the real prerequisites to change the nature of contemporary armed conflicts.”

U.S. bioweapons production tactics easily disguised as “products used for peaceful purposes,” report states

All the latest advancements in genetic engineering, biotechnology, toxicology, and synthetic biology coupled with an endless money-printing and tax-collection machine are allowing the U.S. virtually unlimited potential to develop advanced biological weapons agents.

Detecting and identifying their use using traditional diagnostic tools is no longer as simple as it once was, the report goes on to state, noting that:

“The situation is aggravated by the fact that the production of such biological agents can easily be dispersed over various industrial enterprises, disguising them as products used for peaceful purposes.”

Traditional bioweapons like smallpox and anthrax are still a threat as well, but these next-generation bioweapons being developed in Ukraine using American taxpayer dollars and the Federal Reserve fiat printing press are on a whole different level.

Existing bioweapons can be easily “enhanced” to create an even deadlier threat, Russia warns. This appears to be the true purpose of the war in Ukraine: to defend the biolabs where these bioweapons are being manufactured for use by the globalists against the human herd.

“Added to this is the objective difficulty in determining the true cause of outbreaks of infectious diseases, which can be both natural and artificial,” the report further warns.

As usual, the U.S. remains the most significant clear and present danger to the biological security of the entire world, evidence shows. The bloodlust of America’s globalist leaders is second to none, in other words.

“The U.S. military biological program has not only not been curtailed, but has acquired a large-scale character in recent years with a focus on offensive actions, carried out under the guise of activities which are permitted under the Biological Weapons Convention, as well as anti-terrorism projects,” the report states.

“The United States is supporting and developing the ability to produce biological weapons and, if necessary, to use them. However, there have been changes in Washington’s strategic view with regard to the role of bioweapons in geopolitical competition, and the means of its possible use.”

It could still be a while before such weapons are actually deployed, but the point is that they are currently in development. And other than Russia, nobody is trying to do anything to stop these crimes against humanity from continuing.

“In our country, captured Japanese militarists (during WWII) were brought to justice within the framework of the Khabarovsk Process; however, in the U.S., such ‘specialists’ were provided safety, with their work factually continuing to live on to this day in the contemporary U.S. programs on the development of biological weapons.” Russia further says about America’s history of biological terrorism.

By Ethan Huff

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