Radical group Jane’s Revenge attacks, vandalizes Ohio pregnancy center

Jane’s Revenge recently attacked and vandalized a pregnancy center in Ohio, the latest target of the radical group pushing for abortion.

According to Fox News, the pregnancy center in Bowling Green, Ohio was attacked and vandalized on the morning of April 15. Security footage captured the lone suspect, whose face was covered during the attack, spray-painting the east wall of the clinic and a glass panel beside it.

Messages spray-painted on the walls of the center included “liars” and “fake clinic.” The graffiti also called to “fund abortion” and “abort God” alongside the name of the group.

“This vile attack is part of a nationwide movement to intimidate, threaten and terrorize pregnancy centers,” said HerChoice Executive Director Rochelle Sikora. “These tactics are not only anti-American, they are based on misconceptions, misinformation and outright lies.”

According to Sikora, the HerChoice clinic – also called the Bowling Green Pregnancy Clinic – provides actual healthcare for both mothers and the babies inside their womb. It offers pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, limited testing for sexually-transmitted infections and birth and parenting classes. Fox News noted that the center is one of more than 100 facilities across the Buckeye State that provide $15 million worth of services to families in need.

Following the attack, a group of college students and members of the local Knights of Columbus council helped clean up the graffiti. The pregnancy center’s east wall was cleaned by the afternoon of April 15. Sikora added that the clinic has filed a police report.

The HerChoice executive director remarked that ever since the overturn of the Roe v. Wade abortion ruling in June 2022, the clinic has been taking additional safeguards.

“We’ve [kind of] prepared for it since the Supreme Court decision last year. We knew that there were lots of threats being thrown around against pregnancy centers. So we installed improved security. We were ready for it, mentally.”

More than 100 pregnancy centers attacked since 2022

Peter Range, the CEO of Ohio Right to Life, denounced the attack and vandalism in a statement.

“[People] who work at the [pregnancy center] are some of the kindest, [most] loving and [most] caring individuals you could ever meet. Knowing these individuals personally, this attack on their center will only strengthen their resolve to continue to love those in need.”

Range also thanked the college students and members of the Knights of Columbus for helping the HerChoice clinic clean up. “They represent the Bowling Green community at its finest,” he wrote.

“In the broader context, though, there have been well over 100 attacks against pro-life pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations since last year. Everyone in this state and nation, no matter their political affiliation or stance on abortion, should support centers and organizations that help mothers.”

Range ended his statement with a prayer that “local officials, statewide elected members and national leaders will all rise to the moment and speak out against these attacks to put an end to these senseless attacks once and for all.”

Meanwhile, Sikora said her organization’s “love for women in the community will not wane in the face of these threats.”

“In fact, our resolve to serve is only strengthened. For those looking to help us respond to this vandalism with love and compassion, we invite you to join our mission to love, serve and equip anyone facing a pregnancy decision with Christ-centered resources and support that empower them to pursue life for themselves and their unborn child.”

Watch Susan Swift of the Right to Life League as she calls for the dismantling of the abortion cartels on the “Health Ranger Report” below.

(Article by Ramon Tomey republished from Citizens.news )

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