Orthopedic surgeon who received covid “vaccine” and developed career-ending health condition says he’s been “abandoned” by his colleagues

Just seven days after getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joel Wallskog developed a career-ending health condition called transverse myelitis that transformed him from a “completely healthy 50-year-old” to a “crippled, unemployed orthopedic surgeon.”

In a past lifetime, Wallskog would have garnered lots of love and support from his colleagues over his tragic fate, but because of the politically charged nature of Fauci Flu shots, Wallskog was abandoned by others in his profession who are apparently too scared or brainwashed to lend him any kind of support.

“I was a completely healthy 50-year-old person with really no medical problems until about seven days after my first – or I should say one and only Moderna shot – that I received on December 30th of 2020,” Wallskog told co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy of “Fox & Friends Weekend” during a recent appearance.

“So, I was completely otherwise healthy until seven days after the shot.”

Sympathetically, Campos-Duffy offered her sympathies and asked Wallskog “what happens next” for him and “who takes responsibility for this,” to which he responded:

“What happens is you’re abandoned. You get your shot, you do what you think is the right thing, and you kind of do your part, and then all of a sudden you’re abandoned. And what I say is a lot of these people that are injured are really abandoned from the standpoint of physically, financially and emotionally.”

Big Pharma raked in billions while evading all responsibility for jab injuries, deaths

None of this would have happened had the pharmaceutical industry not been granted a full liability exemption by Congress and the Trump administration just prior to the launch of Operation Warp Speed.

Had vaccine corporations like Moderna been held legally responsible for all negative outcomes from their products, they would not have been able to rake in “billions of dollars,” according to Wallskog, while evading the “brunt” of vaccine injuries and deaths.

Recognizing that there are many others like him who are now injured and have no financial recourse, Wallskog has created an advocacy organization to help others like him to survive the fallout from their misguided decision to get jabbed.

“That’s who I fight for,” Wallskog said. “And fortunately, I’m financially stable, but I fight for all the people that aren’t. And that’s why I started an advocacy organization to try to help us support them.”

“You know, there’s no pharma fund and there’s a fund called – through the government – called the CICP or the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program. But to date, the program has only paid out three claims totaling less than $5,000. And unfortunately, their denial rate for these people that are injured is 96.5 percent.”

According to Reuters, there were more than 7,500 official covid jab injury claims filed as of the end of the 2022 calendar year. Of these, 68 claims have been denied compensation.

“It’s devastated us,” Wallskog says about all the online censorship that he and other victims are encountering as they attempt to tell their stories on social media.

“I mean, as you know, through kind of the Twitter files or data dump from Twitter, they even acknowledged in the files that true stories of vaccine-injured people; they were instructed to censor them. And it’s devastating to us, because part of it is acknowledgment. I mean, with acknowledgment, we can hopefully then get diagnostics and treatments.”

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from Citizens.news)

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