Luongo: Indicting Trump Is The End Of US Politics

 Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, 'n Guns blog,

So, the Democrats and their Davos benefactors have finally done it. They have finally found something they can indict President Donald Trump on. Apparently 34 somethings, which makes for great headlines.

Luongo: Indicting Trump Is The End Of US Politics

The usual suspects have been thrown their chum — both TDS patients and MAGAtards. The social media war is now in full swing. And, frankly, it couldn’t be more tiresome.

A few get why this is so inane but most are focused (or being focused) on the wrong thing, as always.

Jonathan Turley has a good rundown of the questionable legality of this case. But, again, while he’s not wrong to focus on that and the shady politics, he also misses the larger implications of this indictment.

This is a case so legally tenuous that even the Federal Government, famous for being able to convict a ham sandwich, wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Because indicting Trump for any of these petty things is nothing less than the end of politics and a declaration of civil war.

Davos through the Democrats have been running a culture war for decades to stamp out the past. It is quite Leninist. Turley and others have focused on it’s ‘just not done’ to indict a President, especially something as irrelevant as paying hush money to Stormy Daniels.

But, ‘just not done’ is exactly the thing being indicted here, not Trump. Trump is just the fulcrum on which all of this rests.

This is just the politics of envy taken to its ultimate conclusion. Racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, LGBTQT+BBQ Sauce rights are all the same political position. They are all about tearing down the old institutional order.

It’s been going on for generations, invading male spaces like Augusta National, forcing female reporters in locker rooms, endlessly arguing the wage gap between men and women.

Of course, these same people can no longer even define the women whose rights they fight for.

Is the latest term ‘people who menstruate,’ or is that just so last week?

I thought I was supposed to still wear my mask in my electric car to fight for the rights of Ukrainian men to get pregnant while fighting for freedumb from Putler!

So forgive me if I’m a little confused.

This is a perspective that reduces society to whatever we did before was wrong. Progress in the minds of religious puritan Progressives is a never-ending battle against sin. Yesterday is forever evil while Tomorrow holds the promise of heaven on earth.

In the South we just call these people Yankees and go back to eating our barbeque and playing with our kids.

That sin is stratification as a result of rewarding merit. But what is merit to people who view all profit as exploitation?

You can answer that however you wish, but by their actions it’s clear they believe merit is stealing.

This is why “you didn’t build that,” you “basket of deplorables.’ Anything you have earned can and should be taken from you for wrongthink.

And that’s what’s at the heart of this Trump indictment. Trump is the distillation of everything they need to tear down to validate their envy. He’s white, male, politically connected, a little corrupt, very cheesy and the antithesis of what middle-class bicoastal midwits believe they should be.


They hate Trump not because he’s successful but because our society allowed for him to become successful.

To the progressive midwit, any society that allows a man like Donald Trump to rise like he did needs to be destroyed.

Is it really any different than the teenager who rebels to become an atheist because s/h/ze finally asked how can a god allow such evil in the world to exist if he has the power to stop it?

Did I mention these people have the epistemology of weevils?

Again, in the South we say, “Some people just need killin'” Well, to the puritan mind, “Some societies just need killin’.”

That’s why Trump’s indictment signals the end of politics as we believed it operated. The key word there was ‘believed.’ We are dealing with people who see those that disagree with them as irredeemable.

You voted for Trump? Twice? Burn in hell you fascist!

It’s the only time most of these people want guns to exist.

Civilization rests on the fantasy that there is a shared acceptance of the rules on which it operates. Americans are both immensely cynical and naïve about politics in this sense. We all know politicians are lying when their lips are moving but we also believe in the myth that the American system of justice will get the right answer often enough to keep the lights on.

Today that’s a very big assumption.

The End of Clausewitz

Carl von Clausewitz is very famous for saying that war is politics by other means. He’s so famous for it that he’s become a part of speech, Clausewitzian. It’s a short-hand for this idea.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the greatest writers are ones who achieve this, dare I say it, merit badge. So, today this indictment of Trump is at once, Phildickian, Kafkaesque, Clausewitzian and Hitlerian.

Phildickian because it feels like we live in some alternate America.

Kafkaesque because Trump is being indicted for a crime we can barely define.

Hitlerian because its clearly tyrannical to shut down political opponents

And Clausewitzian because the indictment isn’t about politics but a much broader war.

Davos is at war with humanity through undermining the institutions of civilization itself. They will not be stopped in their quest to secure global control over humanity. They have stoked an animus against Trump in the minds of people like Nancy Pelosi that can only end in fire and violence.

They know that the 2024 election is where all their dreams come together. They need another Davosian quisling in the White House to counter what’s happening with the Federal Reserve’s hawkish policy.

Davos has control over the political and monetary policies of Europe. It lost political control over the UK and got it back and will reverse Brexit. That’s brought the Bank of England back in line. However, it is very clear at this point they do not control the Fed.

So, they have political control until January 2025 in the US, but do not have monetary control over the Fed until 2026, when Powell’s second term is done. This is the window for US patriots to win this civil war before it even begins in earnest.

Powell’s tight monetary policy will be the Democrats’ main talking point for 2024.

“The GOP and the Fed are the reason you are broke. They cost you your job, the dream of a new house.” We need more free money to help the poor.

If you think you’re sick of Elizabeth Warren now, just wait.

I have to hand it to these guys, they’ve turned the libertarians into their biggest water carriers by turning “End the Fed” into a strategic asset on the battlefield. With neither monetary nor political control over the US, there can be no 21st century version of V-E Day. It’s bad enough that the Global South has rebelled.

Davos knows this is it for them. 2024 in the US or bust. George Soros said as much at Munich this year. This is why Trump needs to be indicted even though the case is legally illiterate.

Look, the conservative commentators who think that indicting Trump will only improve his chances of winning the election are wrong. It doesn’t matter that he can run for office from jail.

Do you think a GOP run by Cocaine Mitch McConnell will have the balls to defy their Uniparty paymasters and nominate Donald Trump from prison?

Trump will not be allowed to run.

Because of all the words spilled about this so far only Martin Armstrong has come close to the truth of what the real strategy is.

Bragg will most likely seek a Gag Order in addition to a denial of bail, which no matter how ruthless the judge, will probably realize he cannot deny bail to a former President. Still, they will most likely put a Gag Order on Trump, and that way they can throw him in jail even indefinitely as they did to me using Civil Contempt of Court which is not a crime. If they charge him with Criminal Contempt, then he gets a trial by jury. Under Civil Contempt, you have ZERO rights and no right to a trial.

If this was coming from anyone other than Martin Armstrong I would dismiss it out of hand. Maybe Marty is being paranoid. I hope he is.

In your heart of hearts do you really think that? I don’t. Because this is being driven by people who everyday maneuver the world into a potential nuclear exchange with Russia over its right to exist as a country.

Tell me, after everything you’ve seen them do over COVID-19, they wouldn’t relish the opportunity to put a gag order on Trump.

It’s the only thing still animating most of these walking dead in D.C. for fuck’s sake.

Armstrong continues:

They kept me in prison on Civil Contempt from 2000 to 2007. I was released ONLY because I got to the Supreme Court and they ordered the government to explain how I could be held for 7 years without anything on statute 28 USC 1826 which had a maximum of 18 months. To avoid having to answer, they suddenly released me.

So forget the payment to a Porn Star

They can now gag trump, restrict his movements, and harass him to PREVENT him from running in 2024. They will listen to every word he says and are just going to wait to be able to throw him in prison on Civil Contempt indefinitely with ZERO Constitutional Rights. Welcome to the REAL America. They call it a “protective order” to protect the Government and Bragg as you are stripped of ALL your First Amendment rights.

Now, for Trump, if Bragg tried to pull this, his case would be fast-tracked publicly up to the Supreme Court. And then it gets interesting. Do you think Trump would be exonerated with this court? Under these circumstances? The current pressure?

Or do you expect them to do what they did with the election, refuse to hear the case because of ‘a lack of standing’ like they did over the 2020 election, when they clearly had the authority to hear the cases.

Last I checked John Roberts was still in charge up there.

Eighteen months ago I was thankful for all of Davos’ insane over-reactions, pathetic narratives, and unsustainable lies. While I don’t believe Davos is redeemable I still hold out hope that there are enough of in the right positions who are to just say no when the times comes.

With each loss on the battlefield of public opinion and in the policy room Davos has doubled down rather than backed down. Theirs is the Way of the Psychopath not the Warrior.

Their Eurodollar system is dying on the SOFR vine.

So, don’t discount this indictment to Trump. To them this is still their best path to victory.

The fear of a second Trump term is real, not because Trump is so great but because they can’t control him and he’s got a chip on his shoulder the size of Florida’s budget surplus.

Marty is right. They will play this all the way out. They have no other choice if they want to win this war they’ve started to validate their view of themselves as gods among mere men.

Regardless of the outcome of Trump’s ‘legal troubles,’ the real victory will be having destroyed what’s left of what was truly beautiful, a government (in theory) subservient to the people.

This is what we have to focus on preserving as their acolytes burn the libraries and erase the memory of our sins they can’t bear to face like adults.

*  *  *

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